The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

Main Characters

The Eighth Doctor
The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels time and space in a time machine called the TARDIS.

The Doctor explores the universe at random, using his knowledge to avert whatever crisis he encounters.

Brains 12, Brawn 5, Bravery 9
(Aware, Charisma, Engineering, History, Pilot, Running, Science, Thief)
Appealing - When using the Talk option to any female Character, he gains an extra Charisma Trait.
Bench-thumping - Once per Adventure, if you fail an Engineering roll you may immediately roll again.
Protective - If any Companion with you is about to be Wounded or Seriously Wounded, you must take those Wounds instead.

Sonic Screwdriver - You gain +1 Brawn when fighting against a Machine, the Engineering Trait and +2 to any Escape or Rescue rolls.

Julia Fraser
From 1885 London. Has a rebellious and daring spirit that frequently exhibits itself in actions of an unpredictable nature.

Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 6
(Charisma, Running)
Adventurous - Each time you land on at an Adventure Location where they are not native and have not previously visited, gain a Luck point.
Headstrong - Will not Evade an encounter unless the total Brawn of opposing Characters is at least three times your own total Brawn.
Resourceful - When facing a Goal, Plot or Danger event requiring one of their Traits, he or she is +1 to all Qualities.

Turn 0

The Moon – 2018 (9; Post Modern Era)

The TARDIS has landed on a medical station on the Moon. As mankind starts to explore the solar system, the moon colony serves as a natural quarantine and hospital. The corridors are gleaming white with a familiar smell of antiseptic. But has something sinister infiltrated the base?

Special: Scientists without Medicine have their Science trait replaced by Medicine. If a Character is Wounded, you may Heal as an Action by spending 1 Luck point per Character.

No encounter.

Turn 1

The TARDIS crew decide to explore the area and see what they can discover.
8: They meet a small group of 4 scientists - each Brains 7, Brawn 4, Bravery 5 (Computers, Engineering, Medicine, Science).
The team are led by a crusty old medical doctor – Brains 8, Brawn 2, Bravery 7 (Aware, Medicine, Science). He becomes an ally. Passes Brain roll, so roll for Plot event.

(Plot) You learn that someone or something important has been captured. If you can perform a successful Rescue action, gain a +1DM.

Research Team event.
The team ignore you and the event ends.

Encounter - No encounter.

Turn 2

Rescue. 7 (Dice roll) + 1 (Thief) + 2 (Sonic Screwdriver) = 10.
Character – gain +3 to any Talk roll.
Encounter a brilliant but unbalanced scientist, devoted to his project. He is Brains 8, Brawn 4, Bravery 8 (Bureaucrat, Computers, Engineering, Madman, Science, Thief).
Talk roll - 8 + 3 = 11. Made Brains roll and have Science 2, he joins as an Ally. At the end of each turn roll 1D6 and if the result is 1-2, the scientist leaves you.

Roll for a plot event. (Plot) You have found the corpse of an alien creature. Have 2 Medicine and Science, you may deduce some clues from the body – gain a +1DM. (1DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Roll 5 for a Character. Re-encounter the scientists.

The team ignore you and the event ends.
Unbalanced scientist stays.

Turn 3

The TARDIS crew carry on exploring the area and see what they can discover.
11: You discover something important – roll for a Plot event. (Plot) You pick up a very strange energy reading. What could it mean? Should it be here? Have Science, Engineering and at least 20 Brains, gain a +1DM. (2DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Roll 6 for a location.
(Location) You have discovered a laboratory filled with useful equipment that may help you Defeat the Enemy. Any Characters with Science or Engineering gains +1 Brains until the end of the Adventure. If you choose to Research (r306h) as an Action here, gain +2 to the die roll.

Encounter a handsome young physician – Brains 6, Brawn 6, Bravery 7 (Charisma, Marksman, Medicine, Pilot, Running, Thief, Victim). He joins as an Ally. If you have a female Companion with Charisma, next time you have an Event (1), see e206.


Passed a Brains roll. Roll for Plot event. (Plot) A medical report may provide some answers or perhaps you need to do some biological tests - gain +1 to Medicine Research Actions in this Adventure. Crusty old medical doctor passes Medicine 9 roll. Choose to reveal the enemy:

You have encountered the invincible Cybermen (DM -2), (0DM, 5 Luck).
Unbalanced scientist stays.

Turn 4

Medical Report: Have Medicine, 2 Science and Brains 20, spend 1 turn to gain a further +1DM. (1DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - No encounter.
Unbalanced scientist stays.

Turn 5

Time to do some investigating to try and find out more.
You discover vital information. Gain +1 DM. (2DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - No encounter.
Unbalanced scientist leaves.

Turn 6

Time for more investigation.
You discover some important information. Should roll for a Plot event, but will roll for a Cybermen goal.

(Goal 4) (Invasion) You realise that the Cybermen are planning an invasion! Gain a +2DM if you have Brains 25. (4DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Roll 3 for Event (2).
(Danger) You have encountered a dangerous radiation leak. Make a Bravery roll for each non-Machine Character in your group.
Doctor 9 - Passes
Julia 6 - Failed and gains a Radiation wound - but through Protective trait passed onto the Doctor (now Brawn 3).
Handsome young physician 7 - Failed and gains a Radiation wound.
Crusty old medical doctor 7 - Passes


Turn 7

Research Science
A breakthrough. You may not research further using this Trait in this Adventure.
Successful Research. Gain +1DM. (3DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - No encounter.

Turn 8

Research Engineering
Accident! Roll for each Character with chosen Trait. On a 1-2, they become Wounded.

Using Bench-thumping to reroll.

Reroll to get made progress. Gain a +1 DM. (4DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Enemy Encounter
Cyber Controller and 2 Cybermen have been encountered. Brains 4, Brawn 10, Bravery 8 (Machine, Troop). Automatic -1DM penalty when first encountered. (3DM, 5 Luck).

With the Headstrong trait, had to fight.

Character   Brawn   Character  Brawn
Doctor    4 (+1 sonic)  Cyberman 1 10
Julia    4   Cyberman 2 10
Handsome young physician (HYP) 4   Controller 9
Crusty old medical doctor (OMD) 2

Round 1
Julia & Doctor vs Cyberman 1 (5+6=11) vs (10+6=16) difference of 5 with one guaranteed hit each side. Doctor suffered 3 hits with no damage. Julia suffered 3 hits with 1 damage (Doctors Brawn reduced by 2 to 1). Cyberman 1 suffered 1 hit with no damage.

Handsome young physician vs Cyberman 2 (4+6=10) vs (10+4=14) difference of 4 with one guaranteed hit for HYP. HYP suffered 4 hits with 4 damage (Brawn reduced to -4 - VERY DEAD). Cyberman 2 suffered 1 hit with 1 damage and dying as a result of the Troop trait.

Crusty old medical doctor vs Controller (2+1=3) vs (9+3=12) difference of 9. OMD suffered 4 hits with 1 damage (Brawn reduced to 0 = DEAD).

Time to run...

Both the Doctor and Julia pass their Running (7) rolls.

Turn 9

Rest to Heal Wounds
Doctor passed a Medicine (9) roll to heal himself one wound. Now Brawn 3.
Lose -1DM due to alien invasion. (2DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Enemy Encounter
Rolled for Controller and 3 Cybermen, but add additonal 2 for the alien invasion - so now 5 Cybermen. It's time to run again...Both the Doctor and Julia pass their Running (7) rolls.

Rolled 5 on alien invasion. Event e139 - Red Alert.
(Plot) You discover that the immediate area is on maximum alert. Everyone is suspicious and nervous. You may Investigate next turn. Add +2 to the number of Troops you encounter and apply a -2 to Charisma rolls if you choose a Talk option. If you are captured by Troops, take a -1 penalty to Escape rolls. All Troop Allies are +1 to Bravery.

Turn 10

Research Engineering
We need that DM back. Rolled 10 +1 Engineering = 11.
Making progress. Gain a +1 DM. (3DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - No encounter.

Turn 11

Research Engineering
We're still a DM short.
Rolled 9 +1 Engineering = 10.
Making progress. Gain a +1 DM. (4DM, 5 Luck).

Encounter - Enemy Encounter
Controller and 2 Cybermen

Have 4DM so can oppose, which allows the Doctor to Confront the Controller.

Make opposed Brains rolls against the Controller adding any Computers.
Doctor  12 + 3 = 15
Controller 10 + 1 = 11

The Doctor succeeds and the Controller is defeated!

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