The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

Main Characters

The Eighth Doctor
Brains 12, Brawn 5, Bravery 9
(Aware, Charisma, Engineering, History, Pilot, Running, Science, Thief)
Appealing - When using the Talk option to any female Character, he gains an extra Charisma Trait.
Bench-thumping - Once per Adventure, if you fail an Engineering roll you may immediately roll again.
Protective - If any Companion with you is about to be Wounded or Seriously Wounded, you must take those Wounds instead.

Sonic Screwdriver - Gain +1 Brawn when fighting against a Machine, the Engineering Trait and +2 to any Escape or Rescue rolls.

Radiation Drugs - Discover a pouch containing 6 vials that act as drugs to counteract the effects of radiation. Any Character can use a vial to cure a Wound caused by Radiation. The drugs have no effect on normal Wounds.

Star of Gallifrey - Gain +1 to all your Qualities, gain 2 Charisma if encountering any non-Enemy Time Lord, and you gain a Luck point at the start of each Adventure.

Julia Fraser
From 1885 London. Has a rebellious and daring spirit that frequently exhibits itself in actions of an unpredictable nature.

Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 6
(Charisma, Running)
Adventurous - Each time you land on at an Adventure Location where they are not native and have not previously visited, gain a Luck point.
Headstrong - Will not Evade an encounter unless the total Brawn of opposing Characters is at least three times your own total Brawn.
Resourceful - When facing a Goal, Plot or Danger event requiring one of their Traits, she is +1 to all Qualities.

Alma Chava Kader
Rescued Time Agent from the 51st Century.

Brains 7, Brawn 7, Bravery 7
(Aware, History, Marksman, Pilot, Running, Thief)
Natural Leader - This Companion has natural leadership qualities. When they are not with the Doctor, any Allies with them are +1 to all Qualities

Gain 1 luck (Star of Gallifrey) and 1 luck for Adventurous for 10 luck.

Turn 0

WA01. Grantos VI – 5213

(Wilderness) You have landed on the dusty plains of a barren world. As you leave the TARDIS you realise that a thin atmosphere just about exists but still makes it difficult to breathe properly. You see a herd of ostrich-like creatures grazing on a nearby mountain-slope. The deep-yellow sunlight glints off something in the far distance – could it be a structure of some kind…?

Special: Any Running rolls have a -1 penalty unless inside a Location. If you roll for a Character event, roll 1D6 and on a 1-2 instead have an Enemy event.

Turn 1

Turn 1 - Explore
Decide to explore the area. Rolled 8: Meet someone – roll for a Character event.
Rolled 6 to encounter an old, eccentric mining prospector. He is Brains 5, Brawn 6, Bravery 5 (Aware, Charisma, Marksman, Thief, Tracking). Make a Charisma roll with -1 for each Thief Character in your group.

Rolled 7 - 2 Thief = 5: The prospector exchanges a greeting but then departs.

Turn 1 - Encounter
Rolled 9 for an encounter. Rolled 2 for Event (1).
Rolled 2 for Sunstroke. The heat of the sun is unexpected. Roll 1D6 for each non Machine Character except yourself. A 6 means they collapse from sunstroke.
Julia Fraser rolled a 6 for sunstroke. Carried by the Doctor.
Alma rolled 3 to be ok.

Turn 2

Turn 2 - Explore
More exploring. Rolled 7: You discover nothing unusual.

Turn 2 - Encounter
Rolled 8 for an encounter. Rolled 3 for Event (1).
Rolled 5 to find the gruesome corpse of a Veil. There is no Enemy and failed to  make a Medicine 9 roll.

Turn 3

Turn 3 - Investigate
Rolled 7 + 2 Aware = 9: Discover some important information. Roll for a Plot event. Decide to reveal the enemy.
Judoon mercenaries (DM:0) Total DM 0 Luck 10.

Turn 3 - Encounter
Rolled 8 for an encounter. Rolled 3 for Event (1).
Rolled 5 (again) to find another gruesome corpse of a Veil. There is no Enemy, but made a Medicine 9 roll. Gain 1DM (1DM, 10 Luck). Rolled 6 for an important Package. Discovered that someone – possibly the Enemy – is searching for an important package or document. If you make a successful Move action – adding any Aware or Tracking - gain a +1DM.

Turn 4

Turn 4 - Move
Rolled 12 = 12: Success. Gain +1DM (2DM, 10 Luck) and move to Crashed Spacecraft.  May Explore (even if you have had an Enemy event) or Investigate (with bonuses for Aware and Engineering) here.

Turn 4 - Encounter
Rolled 8 for an encounter. Rolled 4 for a Character.
Rolled 4 to encounter 6 Judoon.
Rolled 2 + 2 Charisma = 4: You are attacked. Used luck to reroll  (2DM, 9 Luck)
Rolled 11 + 2 Charisma = 13: The Judoon join you as Allies. While the Judoon are with you, you have -2 to any Charisma roll.

5 X Judoon    Brains 2, Brawn 8, Bravery 7 (Marksman, Pilot, Tracking, Troop).
Judoon Leader Brains 4, Brawn 8, Bravery 7 (Bureaucrat, Computers, Marksman, Tracking 2).

Make a Brains roll for the leader which he fails.

Turn 5

Turn 5- Investigate
Rolled 10 + 2 Aware + 2 Engineering = 14: discover a vital place.
Rolled 6 + 2 (Location & DM of +2) = 8. Discover a vital weakness in the Enemy plan. Gain a +1DM and roll for a Goal event. (3DM,  Luck).

(Goal 4) You discover that the Judoon are intent in recapturing a stolen Veil gene bank for their own nefarious purposes.

Have 25 Brains, Science and 2 Tracking, then gain a +2DM. (5DM, 9 Luck).

Turn 5 - Encounter
Rolled 3 for no encounter.

Turn 6

Turn 6 - Research
Research the situation using Engineering.
Rolled 7 + 2 Engineering -1 Wilderness = 8: Slow Going. No result, but if you try again next turn, you may add +1 to result (cumulative).

Turn 6 - Encounter
Rolled 4 for no encounter.

Turn 7

Turn 7 - Research
Research the situation using Engineering.
Rolled 6 + 2 Engineering + 1 previous Round -1 Wilderness = 8.
Used bench Thumping to reroll.
Rolled 7 + 2 Engineering + 1 previous Round -1 Wilderness = 9: Slow Going. No result, but if you try again next turn, you may add +1 to result (cumulative).

Turn 7 - Encounter
Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 5 - 2 Oppose = 3 Event (2).
Rolled 1 for Narrow Ledges.
Doctor rolls 5 = safe.
Julia rolls 9 = safe.
Alma rolls 7 = safe.
Judoon Leader rolls 7 = safe.

Turn 8

Turn 8 - Research
Research the situation using Engineering.
Rolled 8 + 2 Engineering + 1 previous Round -1 Wilderness = 10.
Making progress. Gain a +1 DM. (6DM, 9 Luck).

Turn 8 - Encounter
Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 4 - 2 Oppose = 2 Enemy

Encountered 5 Judoon Mercenaries: Brains 2, Brawn 8, Bravery 7 (Armour, Troop).
One of the Judoon is Major Teska - Brains 5, Brawn 9, Bravery 8 (Armour). Judoon Troops are +1 Bravery if Teska leads them.

Can Oppose, have 20 Brawn and encounter Major Teska. If you can make an opposed Bravery roll then you have convinced Teska that your forces are stronger and you have Defeated him.

Doctor 9 Bravery + 1 Star of Gallifrey  = 10
Major Teska 8 Bravery   = 8

Doctor rolls 6, Teska rolls 3. Doctor wins.

Gain Goal 4 - 0 = 4. Gain 4 luck. (13 luck).

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