The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!


Whilst in the TARDIS, the Doctor and Donna detect a time anomaly. Quickly, the Doctor pinpoints the anomaly to 1930s rural Italy.

With a flick of a switch and the pull of a lever, the TARDIS starts to land. 

Initial Set-up

This game was played using the Pulp Alley Solo & Horror decks. The table was setup as shown and I used 'The Evil Below' scenario from the 'Tombs of the Serpent' scenario book. A small, walled cemetery north of Savigliano. Home to the 'Weeping Statue' and plagued by the Eaters of the Dead.

The Doctor, Donna and Nightwatchman (Level 1 Brawler) would start from the bottom and the Servants of Apophis would start from the top.

Rolling on the Servants of Apophis table revealed that a 'Shadow of Chaos' would be the protagonist.


This was the main plot point, the 'Weeping Statue' on it's pedestal.



Turn 1

The game started slowly, with The Doctor, Donna and the Nightwatchman drawing 'Held in Place', 'Move Along' and 'No Shot' respectively. As a result, Donna and the Nightwatchman moved to their nearest respective pedestals. The Shadow of Chaos walked forward, shooting and missing the Nightwatchman. The 'Weeping Statue' then teleported to another pedestal.


Turn 2

Making up for lost time, the Doctor ran up to the centre pedestal with the aim of tipping it over next turn. In the meantime, Donna attempted the minor plot point she had reached and she easily passed the random challenge earning a reward for her efforts.


On the other side of the table, the Nightwatchman found himself facing the 'Weeping Statue'. Despite steadying himself (ie passing the Horror check!) and invoking the Doctor's 'Inspiring' trait, the Nightwatchman failed to pass the random challenge. He again steadied himself (ie passing another Horror check!).

Elsewhere the Shadow of Chaos engaged the Doctor in a brawl. Despite his best attempt at dodging, the Doctor suffered a wound. 


The wound was subsequently recovered and the 'Weeping Statue' again teleported to a different pedestal.


Turn 3

This turn the Doctor activated first. Unfortunately, he drew the 'Surprise Twist' card which handed activation to the opposition. The Shadow of Chaos again engaged the Doctor in a brawl and despite inflicting some hits, failed to injure him.

The nightwatchman found himself more than 6" from the nearest character. This meant he had to encounter a random peril  (The Eaters of the Dead). Unfortunately, the nightwatchman failed the peril and was KO'd immediately and removed from the game.

Like the nightwatchman the turn before, Donna found herself face to face with the 'Weeping Statue'. Donna passed the Horror check and the peril. All that was needed was to pass the challenge of 2 successes with Might. Donna rolled but could only roll one success. This failure then caused another Horror check, Donna failed this and found herself drawing 'Shaken'.


 Elsewhere, the Doctor tried and failed to dodge away from the Shadow of Chaos. The 'Weeping Statue' again teleported.

Turn 4

Donna attempted and completed another minor plot point - removing another pedestal from play and further restricting where the 'Weeping Statue' could teleport to. The subsequent Reward card extending the game by one turn.

Both the Doctor and the Shadow of Chaos continued to brawl. The Doctor suffered a wound but using his Venusian Akido to inflict a wound. Unfortunately, the Shadow of Chaos was considerably resolute, recovering from the wound at the end of the turn. The 'Weeping Statue' again teleported.



Turn 5

Donna ran over to the next empty pedestal with the aim of tipping it the next turn.

The Doctor drew 'Frozen' which ended his activation immediately. The Shadow of Chaos activated and brawled the Doctor. Despite trying to dodge, the Doctor suffered another wound and failed his recovery check at the end of the turn. The Doctor was now down to rolling D6s.  The 'Weeping Statue' again teleported.


Turn 6

Once again, Donna found herself staring at the 'Weeping Statue'. Having passed a random peril (for being more than 6" from another character), the Horror check and another random peril, Donna was ready to attempt the plot point challenge. Requiring 2 successes with Might, Donna rolled a 7 and an 8. She had succeeded. The major plot point was hers!

The Doctor activated and again tried to dodge away from the Shadow of Chaos. Again he failed and suffered a another wound. The Doctor was down! His only hope was passing his Recovery check at the end of the turn or face being dragged away by the The Eaters of the Dead.


With the Doctor down, the Shadow of Chaos ran towards Donna. Fortunately, the Doctor passed his recovery check and was back in the game.

Turn 7

Donna activated and tried to dodge away from the Shadow of Chaos. Although she failed, she managed to avoid taking any wounds from the Shadow of Chaos. The Doctor activated and (being down to D6) decided to invoke Allonsy (aka Mindblast). With a laugh (and a high die roll), the Shadow of Chaos shrugged him off. The Shadow of Chaos drew 'Move Along' and was free to brawl Donna. The Shadow of Chaos inflicted 3 hits and Donna failed the health check taking her down to D6. More importantly, that was the last activation in the turn and thus the game. The Doctor and Donna had won (just!). To further upset the Shadow of Chaos, both the Doctor and Donna passed their recovery rolls.



Battered and bruised, the Doctor and Donna had survived. The extra turn nearly proving disastrous. The Shadow of Chaos proved to be a walking tank, suffering 1 hit all game and inflicting plenty. If it wasn't for the Doctors recovery checks, he would been out of the game earlier. Normally the Doctors Dodge (3d10) gets him out of trouble, but with the Shadow of Chaos rolling 4d12 for Brawl, the Doctors Dodge was effectively nullified. At least the Doctor tied up the Shadow of Chaos for the majority of the game, freeing Donna to solve the plot points. Next time the Doctor will be prepared with the 'The Ankh of Warding'.


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