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Episode 3 - Survivor Solo and Darting Droids!

The story so far...

Some rebel droids had managed to download some Imperial files. After their transport ship was boarded by stormtroopers, the droids and General Solo escaped in an escape pod.

Successfully landing on a jungle planet, the droids and General Solo need to get off world before the Empire catches up with them.

Rebel Objectives
1) Make sure the droids are not captured by the Empire.
2) Make sure General Solo is not captured by the Empire.

Empire Objectives
1) Capture the droids.
2) Capture the Han Solo.


This was a game of two halves. The first game was focussed on getting the rebels across the table whilst avoinding the PEFs. Unfortunately, due to some bad dice rolls, the PEFs barely moved. The game was very enjoyable. We had a house rule where whoever won the initiative got to move the Imperial sentries - hence their erratic behaviour. The scout troopers turned up as reinforcements under normal control.

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