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Episode 1 - Rebel Raid

Here's episode 1 of our Star Wars campaign.

The story so far...
Some rebel droids had managed to download some Imperial files. However before they could make it back to the rebel base, they were captured by some Bounty Hunters. The Bounty Hunters attempted to ransom the droids to the highest bidder. This led to a rebel raid on a Bounty Hunter settlement to reclaim the droids.


The rebel team suffered 50% casualties - 2 Obviously Dead & 2 Out of the Fight. Rebel reinforcements turned up the last turn and didn't have an impact on the game.

The Bounty Hunters only had one character left at the end of the game and he was taken prisoner by the rebels.

All in all, a fun game that took 90 mins to play (mainly due to me looking up some rules),

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