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The starting Starship for this campaign. The USS Wilbur named for Wilbur Wright.

As per the campaign details, the USS Wilbur would be encountering another Klingon vessel. This time is was a B'rel Bird of Prey class.

How both ships were outfitted.

The Klingon Bird of Prey decloaked and fired at the USS Wilbur. With the element of surprise, the Bird of Prey managed to almost take down the shields of the Federation ship.

The USS Wilbur returned fire. Managing to inflict serious damage to the Klingon hull.

The USS Wilbur continued to pursue the Bird of Prey. Taking every opportunity to shoot at the Klingon ship.

The USS Wilbur chased the Klingon ship, never giving it the chance to bring its weapons to bear.

Even with the Klingon ship cloaked, the USS Wilbur managed  to inflict damage. The Klingons only surviving through the efforts of Bu'Kah is restoring the ships hull.

The USS Wilbur targeted the Klingon ship with Phasers. The Klingon ship briefly resisted before exploding. 

The USS Wilbur had won the day, achieving its second kill of the war.

The other PEF was resolved and revealed to be a sensor ghost. The USS Wilbur returned to its base for repairs.

How would the Klingons respond?

Would Starfleet provide the USS Wilbur crew with reinforcements?

Find out in the next instalment of this campaign.

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