The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

The starting Starship for this campaign. The USS Wilbur named for Wilbur Wright.

As per the campaign details, a single Klingon ship dropped out of warp and headed for the USS Wilbur.

Set-up of both ships for the encounter. The Klingon ship having the more experienced Captain. The USS Wilbur having the more potent Photon Torpedoes.

Both ships spent their first couple of turns moving towards each other. Also, Target Locks were established by both ships. The Klingon ship commanded by a Rank 4 captain tried to maintain a healthy distance in order to fire their Photon Torpedoes. The USS Wilbur closed in to stop Photon Torpedoes from being fired.

The Klingon ship fired and missed.. In response, the USS Wilbur fired inflicting two Critical Hits - "Injured Captain" and "Minor Explosion". Rolling the attack die for "Minor Explosion" led to another Critical Hit being rolled - this time "Direct Hit".

After the initial shooting, both ships tried to outmanoeuvre each other.

The ships finally came into Photon Torpedo range of each other. The Klingons fired but failed to damage the USS Wilbur. In return, the USS Wilbur managed to take down the Klingons shields (again). Konmel earned his pay in this game as he continually fixed the Klingons shields. 

Finally the USS Wilbur came into range of the Klingon ship. Unfortunately, the Klingon gunner completely missed the USS Wilbur.

With Photon Torpedoes recharged, the Klingon ship came under attack as it drifted into range. The Klingons unable to re-enable their Photon Torpedoes due to continually using Konmel to recharge shields.

As a result of the attack, the Klingons lost their shields, their hull and their ship!

The USS Wilbur pulled away from the exploding Klingon ship, its job done for the day. With two remaining unknown sensor contacts, the USS Wilbur set off to investigate.

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