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República de la Isla del Blanco

Welcome to the island of the República de la Isla del Blanco.


An island country and sovereign state at the southern end of the Grenadines in the south eastern Caribbean Sea.

The former Spanish colony, Isla del Blanco is located northwest of Trinidad and Tobago, northeast of Venezuela, and southwest of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.
Its size is 384 km² with an estimated population of 132,731. Its capital is Puerto Nuevo.

Principal Towns
  • Puerto Nuevo
  • Agua Dulce
  • Arena Abajo
  • Vacas
  • Paseo
  • Santo Bonifacio

Recent History

After being hurricane-free for 50 odd years, the island was directly hit by Hurricane Bill. Bill struck as a Category 3 hurricane and caused 90 percent of the homes to be damaged or destroyed. The following year, Hurricane Ida, a Category 1 hurricane at the time, struck the island with 80 kt winds, seriously undermining the recovery from the previous year.

The hurricane damage coincided with the worldwide economic downturn and investment in Isla del Blanco was seriously curtailed.

Due to the worsening conditions, the Isla del Blanco militia led a coup against the elected government. The Prime Minister was subsequently placed under house arrest. These actions led to street demonstrations in various parts of the island. The Prime Minister had massive support among the population and was eventually freed by a large demonstration in the capital. When the Prime Minister attempted to resume power, he was captured and executed by soldiers along with other government cabinet ministers. The militia then put the island under martial law.

After the execution of the Prime Minister, the militia formed a military government with Colonel Verde as leader. The militia declared a four-day total curfew during which it said that anyone leaving their home without approval would be shot on sight.
Due to the lack of investment in the island, Colonel Verde turned to Columbian drug cartels for investment. The overthrow of a moderate government by one which was strongly relied on the support of Columbian drug cartels worried the U.S.

Of particular concern, was the presence of Columbian construction workers and FARC military personnel developing an airstrip and port facilities on Isla del Blanco. Though Verde had claimed the purpose of the airstrip was to allow commercial jets to land, the US believed its purpose was to allow transport planes loaded with Latin American cocaine to land and transfer their cargo for supply to North America and Europe.

CIA Briefing on Military

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