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Gothic Horror using Frostgrave.

This was a game inspired by watching Hotel Transylvania. I dug out some BTD figures of Count Dracula & Frankenstein (they're part of the BTD Dr Who range), added a werewolf and some GW zombies to form a warband. What to use for the oppostion? Luckily, I had a set of Westwind figures that represent the typical mob you see in Hammer horror films - pitchforks and torches. There was also a figure that resembled the Hugh Jackman version of Van Helsing from the film of the same name. SO I had two warbands, which rules to use? Take out the spell casting from Frostgrave and you are left with a great & lethal skirmish mechanic, which is simple to play. 

Assigning some of the spells to the figures, for example Dracula could Teleport, use Mind Control and Suggest Death. The figure holding the Blunderbuss used the Scatter Shot spell and the Pistol figure used the Elemental Bolt spell. Also, Frostgrave provides profiles for a Vampire, Construct (Frankenstein) and zombies. The Van Helsing warband mainly used the Thug and Crossbowman profiles.

Dracula was immune to non magical weapons and only Van Helsing on his side had access to magical weapons (namely a dagger and crossbow). 

The Warbands.


The Table.


Treasure Tokens.

Instead of the normal Frostgrave treasure tokens, we used figures to represent villagers who had to be rescued or carried off!


Let battle commence.

Finally, the immortal moment that Frankenstein and a zombie finished off Van Helsing, spelling doom for the village!

The final result was a 4-2 victory to the Dracula warband. All in all a very entertaining game that proves the flexibility of Frostgrave.


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