The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

Main Characters

The Eighth Doctor
The Doctor is a Time Lord who travels time and space in a time machine called the TARDIS.

The Doctor explores the universe at random, using his knowledge to avert whatever crisis he encounters.

Brains 12, Brawn 5, Bravery 9
(Aware, Charisma, Engineering, History, Pilot, Running, Science, Thief)
Appealing - When using the Talk option to any female Character, he gains an extra Charisma Trait.
Bench-thumping - Once per Adventure, if you fail an Engineering roll you may immediately roll again.
Protective - If any Companion with you is about to be Wounded or Seriously Wounded, you must take those Wounds instead.

Sonic Screwdriver - You gain +1 Brawn when fighting against a Machine, the Engineering Trait and +2 to any Escape or Rescue rolls.

Radiation Drugs - You discover a pouch containing 6 vials that act as drugs to counteract the effects of radiation. Any Character can use a vial to cure a Wound caused by Radiation. The drugs have no effect on normal Wounds.

Julia Fraser
From 1885 London. Has a rebellious and daring spirit that frequently exhibits itself in actions of an unpredictable nature.

Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 6
(Charisma, Running)
Adventurous - Each time you land on at an Adventure Location where they are not native and have not previously visited, gain a Luck point.
Headstrong - Will not Evade an encounter unless the total Brawn of opposing Characters is at least three times your own total Brawn.
Resourceful - When facing a Goal, Plot or Danger event requiring one of their Traits, she is +1 to all Qualities.


Turn 0

Earth – 1962

The TARDIS has landed in a sleepy old village of Cudworth Mead in rural England.

The sun is shining over the village green and you can just hear the church bells sound in the distance as the morning starts.

But does the village contain a terrible secret? Why do the villagers fear the dark?


Turn 1

Decided to explore the area and see what you can discover.
Unfortunately, nothing unusual is discovered.

Encounter - Rolled 6 for no encounter.

Decided to explore the area and see what you can discover.
Unfortunately, nothing unusual is discovered.

Encounter - Rolled 6 for no encounter.

Turn 2

More exploring and discover clues that need Investigating next turn.

Encounter - Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 4 for a character.
Met a feisty and shrewd serving wench that works in the local tavern.

She is Brains 5, Brawn 4, Bravery 5 (Charisma, Running, Screamer, Thief) and joins you as an Ally. Failed Brains roll.

Turn 3

Time to do some investigating to try and find out more.
Discover some important information. Roll for a Plot event - learn that people from the local area have disappeared in strange circumstances recently.

Perhaps the Enemy is kidnapping them to use for some mysterious purpose? Gain a +1DM (1DM, 8 Luck) and you may now Investigate as an Action in this Adventure.

If an Enemy captures any of your Characters, take a -1DM penalty.

Encounter - Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 3 for an Event (1).
Found the gruesome corpse of a person that has been killed by an unknown force. Standing over the body is the Enemy - V528. The Jassra -1DM (0DM, 8 Luck).

Turn 4

Seek Information
Try to find out more information using Charisma trait. Rolled 9 + 3 Traits = 12 - Discover the Enemy plan! +1 Luck (0DM, 9 Luck).
E168. The Dead Shall Walk. (Goal 4) Realise that the Enemy is attempting to control the bodies of the dead and then use them to invade by possessing their corpses!

Encounter - Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 1 for an enemy event.
Encounter a tall ghostly figure with a black cowl and cloak. Under the hood is an ever-shifting face of fear - Brains 7, Brawn 10, Bravery 10.

Hide roll: Thief 10 roll - rolled 9 + 2 traits = 11 Passed!

Turn 5

Need to make the Doctor 2 Aware. Rolled 9 + 1 (Aware) = 10. Doctor gains an additional Aware (now 2 Aware).

Encounter - Rolled 6 for an encounter. Rolled 4 -1 for an Event (2). Rolled 4 for a Timelord Fob-watch. Went to e005, rolled a 5 for Mysterious Co-ordinates. Discovered strange space/time co-ordinates. If you roll 10+ when setting the controls for the TARDIS (e001a) then see e084.

Turn 6

Time to research the situation using History.
Rolled 7 + 1 (History) = 8 Slow Going. No result, but if you try again next turn, you may add +1 to result.

Encounter - Rolled 3 for no encounter.

Turn 7

More research.
Rolled 10 + 1 (History) + 1 (Previous turn bonus) = 12. A breakthrough. Rolled a 4 and choose Knowledge - add +3 to any Quality if choosing a Confront option in an Enemy encounter.

Encounter - Rolled 5 for no encounter.

Turn 8

More research, this time science.
Rolled 9 + 1 (Science) = 10. Making progress +1 DM. (1DM, 9 Luck).

Encounter - Rolled 8 for an encounter. Rolled 6 -1 for a character. Rolled 2 for a priest. He becomes your Ally - Brains 6, Brawn 3, Bravery 4 (Charisma, History, Victim)
Roll for a plot event. Rolled 2 for Mysterious Runes. Rolled 8 + 2 History for 10. Rolled a 2 for +1 DM. (2DM, 9 Luck).

Turn 9

Need an additional Bravery to fulfil goal requirements.
Rolled 10 + 1 (Character with the desired Quality of 8 or greater). Doctor gains +4 Bravery.

Now achieved all goal event requirements +2 DM. (4DM, 9 Luck).

Encounter - Rolled 8 for an encounter. Rolled 2 - for an enemy event.
Rolled 5 + 7 (additions) = 13. Encounter the Jassra and 4 ghoul servants.
Time to confront.
Doctor 9 + 3 bonus gives a starting Bravery of 12.
Jassra starting Bravery of 10.

Doctor 12 + 2 = 14
Jassra 10 + 4 = 14

It's a tie. Using a luck point to reroll (4DM, 8 Luck).

Doctor 12 + 1 = 13
Jassra 10 + 1 = 11

The Jassra is Defeated. Gain 4 - -1 = 5 luck points (13 luck).

Companion rolls a 2 to stay in the Tardis.
Wench stays on Earth

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