The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

The Dynamic Duo

Duo (4) - Your Sidekick starts with one additional ability and a Health of d10. Other than the Leader and one Sidekick, all remaining slots can only be used to select Perks and Associates. This roster can never include Followers, Allies, or Gangs.

Jack of all Trades (1) - Before the start of each scenario, you may spend one (only one) Gear, Contact, Backup, or Tip to select a temporary level 1 ability for your Leader. This ability lasts for the duration of the upcoming scenario.
Associate (1)
  • Got the Goods — You gain +1 Gear point. You may save this point or use it now.
  • Supplies — Before the start of this scenario, you may select a level 1 ability for your Leader. 


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