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It is with deepest regrets that I announce that Charlie passed away at 1605 on 26/01/2016.

We had owned Charlie since she was a 6 month old kitten adopted from a rescue centre. After her adoption, we had an interesting 24 hours whilst she settled in with our existing cat Max. I'll never forget that on second day in the house she jumped on my lap while I was sat having dinner and she nonchalantly reached up and grabbed and ran off with the steak on my plate. With that, our friendship was sealed and she became my feline friend for the last 17 and half years.

We'll never know what happened during her first 6 months of life, but she never really developed the ability to play and was initially a nervous cat and remained nervous of small children throughout her life. Although she enjoyed sitting on the kitchen back step, she never ventured far.

Charlie was very much my cat and would frequently be at my side. In later life, she would settle down for the evening on a cushion next to me on the sofa. When I went to bed at night, she would always jump up on the bed after I got under the covers. It seemed to me, that before she fell asleep herself, her final duty would be to check that I'd washed my face and especially my ears. Any spots I'd missed, she always washed clean. She'd stay on the bed for as long as possible until I rolled over or moved my legs.

Another of our moments would come with her being brushed. She used to get so happy at being brushed that she start to dribble! Coming home from work, you could always tell that she had been sleeping on my side of the bed and in her later years she seemed put out that I slept there!

Her first bout of illness came in 2008 when she was eventually diagnosed as being gluten intolerant. This made food shopping for challenging! She never really gained a taste for wet cat food always preferring dry food and was always a fussy eater.

In 2012 (2 days after our ginger cat Clive had died aged 10), Charlie was diagnosed with a heart murmur. Although there, it never seemed to trouble her and she continued to enjoy life.

Sadly, old age eventually caught up with her. Like all older cats, she slowed down in later life, spending most of her day asleep on the bed.

Two weeks ago she developed a cough that sounded like hiccups. A visit to the vet revealed nothing and it was assumed it was of those things as the cough cleared up. However, last week she went off her food, barely eating a couple of mouthfuls before wondering off and unusually spending a lot time under our bed. On Monday, she was barely moving and she was rushed to the vet. The vet initially diagnosed her as being dehydrated, however, a subsequent X-Ray revealed fluid around her lungs. This was successfully drained, but upon picking her up at the vet, we were informed that she had weeks to live and we were to bring her back the following day for a heart scan. Unfortunately, the scan revealed her heart was starting to fail and blood test revealed her kidneys were shutting down. The last straw was that she no longer responded to the medication in her drip.

There was simply no other choice and the decision was taken to put her to sleep. My friend of 17 years passed away.

Charlie is now buried in the garden, next to Clive, under our Cherry Tree. Max our eldest cat, has now outlived all his housemates.


Charlie Cat 1999 - 2016.


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