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Event cards in THW games

Posted on July 5, 2011 at 8:59 AM Comments comments (0)

If you've browsed the site, you'll realise that I am a big fan of the THW reaction system and the various rulebooks that use them.

However, I managed to play the Doctor Who Miniatures Game at a show last year - think it was the Five Doctors game.

Very impressed by the game, I downloaded the rules and tried to introduce this game to my regular crowd of players. Initial enthusiasm quickly disappeared as I kept being asked 'why can't I have a reaction check?' etc. On a more positive note, one thing that everyone liked was the concept of event cards in a game.

Based on this positive feedback I looked at adding event cards to our games.

The first batch that I came up with are designed to be used with Chain Reaction, 5150, ATZ, Nuts etc - the majority of them are based on existing attributes available within the rules.

Initial cards

The way we use them is that a player may use one event card a turn (theirs or opponents) and may only hold enough as the highest rep figure eg Rep 6 has 6 cards, Rep 3 has 3 cards etc. A card remains in play until the end of the turn where it is discarded. A replacement card is drawn. Ultimately, how you use them is upto you.

Following on from the initial event cards, I then set about creating some themed event cards for our Larger Than Life (LtL) games. For those that don't know LtL is an RPG light game from THW designed for pulp adventures. It's designed like a movie in that you move from scene to scene attempting to find clues that will solve the adventure. However, the rules engine that drives LtL is so useful and flexible that we use it for non pulp games - primarilly Dr Who and Star Trek.

At the heart of LtL (and Chain Reaction 3) is challenges and tasks. You need to break in to a house to steal some information, well how are you going to that? Do you pick a door lock or jimmy a window? Whatever you do will be a task and how challenging the task is depends on it's difficulty. Picking a Yale lock might have a difficulty factor (DF) of 2, but a deeply technical lock with a thumb scan might be a DF6.

This is where the themed event cards come into this. They can either help or hinder a character. For example, in the Star Trek themed event cards there is a Tricorder card that will automatically solve a task for you - how many times did Spock solve a problem with a Tricorder?

Anyway, I have created themed event cards for Dr Who and Star Trek. Both draw on the events cards in the Doctor Who Miniatures Game but have been framed with LtL in mind. They are subtly different from each other but both contain the initial event cards mentioned above.

If you use them then let me know what you think.

Dr Who

Star Trek

Everybody Comes to Rick's

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Another figure found in my lead mountain. Figure by Artizan Designs -

Karate Geezer

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Found this guy in my lead mountain. One of the Geezers produced by Killer B Games -

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