The Wonderful World of Nozza!!!

A world of miniatures and war-gaming from the distant past to the far flung future!

Main Characters

The Fourth Doctor

The fourth incarnation of the Doctor was one of the strangest incarnations yet, often appearing childish and stubborn despite his clearly immense knowledge of the universe. He could be also very alien and aloof at moments, but would inevitably flash a beaming smile and offer anyone a jelly baby. Wearing an immensely long scarf and with coat pockets which seemed to carry everything, the fourth Doctor was a genius often acting as a fool.

Brains 12, Brawn 6, Bravery 9 (Aware, Charisma, Demolitions, Engineering, History, Running, Science, Thief)

CE47. Scarf

(Equipment) The fourth Doctor wouldn?t go anywhere without his trusty scarf that was given to him by Madame Nostradamus ? a witty little knitter. The wearer is not affected by Bad Weather (e079), it adds +1 to a Brains roll overcoming a Puzzle event and at the start of the first combat round it can be used to trip up any opponent with less than 7 Brawn so they cannot enter the combat that round.

Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith began as a companion of the third Doctor but it was with his next incarnation that she became one of his most beloved friends. Never afraid to speak her thoughts and pursue matters through her journalistic mindset and occasionally stubborn, she was also incredibly faithful to the Doctor and shared his love of the universe as one of his most favorite companions in all his incarnations.

Brains 6, Brawn 4, Bravery 6 (Charisma, History, Marksman, Running, Screamer) Personality: Curious, Resourceful.

Turn 0

CA20. Earth - 1911

(Victorian Era)

You have landed on the grounds of a large priory, the site of which will one day become UNIT headquarters. Inside are magnificent Egyptian sarcophagi, a collector‟s dream. But the mansion seems strangely quiet, and your senses detect the underlying presence of something immensely evil…

Special: Characters with History are +1 Brains here. If a Character has History and Science, they gain 1 Luck point on their first Explore Action.

Doctor gains +1 Brains (Brains 13) & 1 Luck (0DM, 5 Luck).
Sarah Jane gains +1 Brains (Brains 7).

Turn 1

Turn 1 - Explore
Rolled 8: To meet someone – roll for a Character event.
Encounter a person trying to avoid local justice.
Rolled 6: Escaped criminal – Brains 4, Brawn 5, Bravery 5 (Marksman, Running, Thief, Tracking).

Joins as an ally. Makes a Brains 13 roll. Rolled 7 to pass. Roll for a plot event.

You hear of mysterious lights in the sky that have been seen by locals over the last few nights. Could they be a natural phenomenon, spaceships, or possibly something more sinister? Gain a +1DM or reveal the Enemy.

Choose to reveal the enemy - The Weeping Angels (DM 0).

Turn 1 - Encounter
Rolled 9 for an encounter. Rolled 3 for Event (1).
You have found a library of dusty books or scrolls. If you Research (r306h) or Seek Information (r306j) using History as the chosen Trait in this Adventure, you may add +1 to the roll.

You learn about strange and creepy tales from the past – perhaps they have some bearing on what is happening here?
Rolled 2: If you can make a History 8 roll, gain a +1DM.

Rolled 9 + 2 History = 11: Success. Gain 1DM (1DM, 5 luck).

Turn 2

Turn 2 - Seek Information
Rolled 4 + 3 History = 7: You discover nothing but may seek further next turn, adding +1 to the result (cumulative).

Turn 2 - Encounter
Rolled 6 for no encounter.

Turn 3

Turn 3 - Seek Information
Rolled 6 + 3 History = 9: You discover some important information. Roll for a Plot event.
As we know the Enemy then any further Plot event becomes a Goal event.

Steal TARDIS (Goal 4) (Capture)
You discover that the Enemy are attempting to steal the TARDIS. If the Weeping Angels is the Enemy, take a -1DM penalty (0DM, 5 luck).
If you have 2 Aware and both 25 Brains and 25 Bravery, gain a +2DM.

Turn 3 - Encounter
Rolled 6 for no encounter.

Turn 4

Turn 4 - Research
Rolled 8 + 3 History = 11: Making progress. Gain a +1 DM. (1DM, 5 luck).

Turn 4 - Encounter
Rolled 12 for an encounter.
Rolled 3 - 1 Goal = 2: Event (1). Rolled 1 for E152. Steward. You have encountered an official who demands to know what you are doing here! Make a Charisma roll - Rolled 6: He crosses his arms and looks at you suspiciously you must try again next Turn as your Action.

Turn 5

Turn 5 - Steward
Make a Charisma roll. Rolled 2: You cannot convince the steward who calls the guards. Used a point of luck to re-roll (1DM, 4 luck). Rolled 9: The steward believes your story and lets you pass.

Turn 5 - Encounter
Rolled 7 for an encounter. Rolled 4 - 1 Goal = 3 Event (2). Rolled 1 for a Logic Puzzle.
4: A decadron crucible traps the escaped criminal. Have 15 Brains to solve puzzle.

Turn 6

Turn 6 - Research
Rolled 8 + 3 History = 11: Making progress. Gain a +1 DM (2DM, 4 luck).

Turn 6 - Encounter
Rolled 6 for an encounter. Rolled 4 - 1 Goal = 3 Event (2). Rolled 4 for E069. Salvage.
Discovered what looks like worthless junk but you think you maybe able to repair some broken parts.

Turn 7

Turn 7 - Salvage
Rolled 8 + 1 Engineering = 9 Success! Rolled 4: Sonic Blaster. Sarah Jane gains +2 to Brawn (Brains 6, Brawn 6, Bravery 6) and Demolitions (Charisma, History, Marksman, Running, Screamer & Demolitions).

Turn 7 - Encounter
Rolled 3 for no encounter.

Turn 8

Turn 8 - Research
Rolled 10 + 3 History = 13: A breakthrough. Goto E083. Rolled 2 for +1DM (3DM, 4 luck).

Turn 8 - Encounter
Rolled 5 for no encounter.

Turn 9

Turn 9 - Research
Rolled 6 + 1 Science = 7: Impasse: No result.

Turn 9 - Encounter
Rolled 11 for an encounter. Rolled 1 - 1 = 0 Enemy Event.
Rolled 1 + 1 (Turn 4+) + 1 (Turn 8+) = 3 Weeping Angels.

Sarah Jane Screamer roll - Rolls 7 to fail. Frozen for fight.

Time to confront. Brains roll. 13 - 6 (3 x 2 Angels) = 7. Rolled 11 to fail. Use 1 luck (3DM, 3 luck) to reroll, rolled 7 to pass.
Succeeded to gain a +1 DM (4DM, 3 luck). Can now oppose!

Turn 10

Turn 10 - Defeating Enemies
Rolled 7 + 4DM = 11: An opportunity arises - have an Enemy encounter or roll 1D6.
Roll 1D6. Rolled 6 for Cunning Plan.
Make a Brains roll by 3. Brains 13, rolled 10 = pass.
Roll 1d6, rolled 2: You have outwitted the Enemy and Defeated them.

Goal 4 - DM 0 = 4 Luck Points gained.

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