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Patrol Campaign

This will be my starting campaign for Star Trek: Attack Wing. 
The campaign will use adapted rules based on the campaign rules in 5150: Star Navy. My campaign is set around the time of the Federation/Klingon split that was shown in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "The Way of the Warrior".
This will allow me to play Federation/Klingon skirmishes leading into the Dominion War. Also, the occasional Romulan and Pirate encounter will take place.

These are the rules that will govern how the Campaign will initially be set-up and how it will progress.

As part of the campaign set-up, you to determine any Potential Enemy Forces (PEF) that may be in play. Something is out there, but you don't know what - IE the Fog of War!

Using 2d6, I have determined the locations of 3 PEFs. As a rule, a PEF cannot be place in the bottom 4 righthand squares.

You can see the starting positions of the PEFs and my Federation forces.

Once, the Federation force has entered the same square as a PEF, a die roll will determine the size of the opposition.

As my Federation force comprises a single ship and crew worth 30 points, it could encounter Klingon forces potentially worth 30, 45 or 60 points!

The Federation force left orbit and intercepted the nearest PEF. Using the tables opposite, the PEF was resolved as a Klingon force of 30 points.

The other 2 PEFs both moved towards the planet.

Let battle commence!

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