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baby daddy – love is awesome cdr

A one track attack by this two person act. Intensity and feel is not unlike Incapacitants, but they are definitely their own sound. This un-relentless and doesn’t let up for the entire length of the track. If you like your noise thick and layered look no further…love is awesome.

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world


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horror media – altisonvs horrificvs cdr

“Horror Media is what one can call a noise project in the terms of the cultural annihilator so called Zusammen Hangslos. This release is the first of the altisonvs horrificvs – which means in latin “To sound loudly causing horror”- series where Zusa starts to investigate how a loud frequency may cause a fear sensation on its listener. Please play it loud.”

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world


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i/c/o/c – mainliner debutant cdr

Alphabet soup madness, well at least in track titles. Ten minute plus outings lumber along like a noise hulk that’s broken anchor and once again is out in open sea. Harsh and loud, dense only begins to describe what is in store for you when you get your hands on this disc.

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world


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scissor shock – tease the skeleton ep cdr

Throw all your preconceived notions about this project out the window, as they give you a handful of very experimental tracks. Multiple instruments in a more traditional band sense, but not played in the same sense. Think hanatarash in a weirder state and more up to date sound.

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world



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kenji siratori – dead anal cdr

Cyberpunk writer turned noise artist drops the spoken word for an all out noise assault. Thick from beginning to end, this disc shifts and writhes through one man’s distorted vision. Play loud!

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world


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lolita vibrator torture – doki doki majo saiban! cdr

Don’t let the cute pink cover fool you, blast of distortion and white noise weave through a repeated sounds. A variety of textures and sources wait to saturate the listener’s ear. All nicely layered and paced…

$5 ppd north america/$7 ppd world


Also still available...

010 nkondi - untilthefloorbecameimpatient cdr

020 nkondi - themagneticdogsisters cdr

025 nkondi - randomactsofsurrealviolence cdr

028 nkondi – thefivepointservocalibrationprocedure cdr

030 nkondi – anotherburrowhereintherealmofceaselessmovement cdr

031 gelsomina/nkondi – sunsetboulevard cdr

034 torturing nurse – my mind is not your mind cdr

035 nkondi – thesecretlivesoftalkingrabbits cdr

036 jake vida – clouded narrows cdr

037 sefebe – speaksoftlycarryabigrifle cdr

038 nkondi – europaeuropa cdr

039 chefkirk – barbarian art cdr

040 pop culture rape victim – various attempts at redemption 2xcdr

041 tinnitustimulus – akathisia cdr

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We accept cd-r, cd, WAV, mp3 and minidisc submissions. We will not go to a site to check out your sound. If using mp3s or WAVs please send via http://www.yousendit.com/. If sending through the mail, please do not forget to write your e-mail address on the demo. We are looking for anything electronic based, mostly concentrating in the realms of harsh noise, experimental noise, rhythmic noise, power electronics, power noise, breakcore, etc. We are small time operation so it may take sometime to get to listen to your demo. We listen to everything we receive. If we feel we can use your music on any forthcoming releases or at specific times you will be contacted via e-mail. Please do not email and ask if we have listened to your demo.

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