Dotti AnitaTaylor

"On The Path Of Dreams"

"Taylor has selected a nice mix of unusual standards that fit her instrument, and her own compositions stand comparison with the great tunes like "I Thought About You" and "Bewitches, Bothered and Bewildered"...One of the real highlights is an excepitional version of  Thad Jones' "A Child Is Born" done with just Dave Tunnell accompanying her on the's a debut filled with a whole lot of heart.  Highly recommended".     

 Phillip McNally, Cadence Magazine, Jan-Feb-Mar '08


"Taylor's warm tone on her instrument (with judicious use of vibrato in spots) and intuitive improvisations make each of the standards she plays sound fresh....Her driving Latin-flavored arrangement of "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered" (adding guest percussionist Steve Kroon) and lush duet with guitarist Dave Tunnell on Thad Jones' magical ballad "A Child Is Born" stand out.  Veteran Harlem saxophonist Patience Higgins (heard on soprano), trumpeter Eddie Allen and Tunnell make the quartet sound like a much bigger band in Taylor's potent hardbop composition "It's Misterios". ... Perhaps she won't take so long to record a followup session." 

Ken Dryden, All About Jazz, Oct.'07


"...In Taylor's solos you get the feeling that every note is carefully chosen, and everyone of them has a significant meaning.  It's like the ego has been left behind and we are treated to a brief glimpse to the very soul of Taylor...This is a very impressive album.  I am sure that many would be proud to have these results on their initial venture into recording."

Larry A. Detwilwe, Jazz Improv, V7N4


" A Morning Glory" is a true flute recording highlighting not only Taylor's remarkable prowess on the instrument but also her impressive composing skills as well.  Indeed, it is Taylor's own compositions that are the album's most memorable moments.  Her "It's Misterios" reminiscent of John Coltrane's immortal rendition of "My Favorite Things".  A truly glorious recording, A Morning Glory is  not only a terrific introduction into the remarkable playing of Dotti Anita Taylor, but also one of the best flute recordings to debut in years."

Peter Sanchez, All About Jazz, April 2008

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