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Structure Document Kamishin "Kai"


   It has been said by others on the internet that the Kamishin Ryu "kai" structure document passed out to Kai instructors in 1977 is "suspect". I have added the document without the scratch-outs to show that in the original document the Nippon Kobudo Rengokai was under the leadership of Albert Church, Kaicho/Soke and Harold Martin, Kaicho-Dai/Soke-Dai.

   It appears that presumeably, after Church sensei's death, someone wrote the hand written add on information on the document and it has caused others to use that as a reason to try and discount the entire document.

   The cut out of the document posted below clearly shows that in the organization "structure", the Nippon Kobudo Rengokai which includes the Shaolinji (Shorinji) Tetsu-Kempo as well as the Nippon Kamishin Ryu was to go to Harold Martin after Church sensei's retirement or death (not only does this document state this, but there is also a hand written document on file at the Hombu that states "all Kamishin Ryu arts are under the leadership of the NKR-USA". This document was written April 1977 and lays out the structure of the newly formed Kamishinkai International and it's arts and the arts of the Nippon Kobudo Rengokai. The cut out of the structure document below shows that Church sensei named himself Kaicho (President) and Harold Martin as the Kaicho-Dai (next Generation President). Church sensei used the term "Soke/Kaicho Dai" as the term used for the person chosen to carry on the teachings after his retirement or death. The term Dai has been mis-translated by others recently to be a "shortened version of "Dairi" meaning "in place of" or "proxy". In this context, Dai is the character for generation and implies the next-generation head-family/president.


   Also, some would say that in this document, the term "Soke" is not used. This is because it is a "Kai" document not a system document. The correct terminology for this would be Kai-cho. Notice Church sensei did not use the term "Soke" for himself either, he used kai-cho showing organizational leadership, although he was considered "soke" of the system. Also note that Harold Martin was already named "Soke-Dai" (Next Generation Head-Family) of Shorinji Tetsu-Kempo (Young Forest Temple Iron Fist Method) and Nippon Kamishin Ryu (Japan Godly Heart Style).

   Seeing the date on the corresponding document that was issued with this chart, this is the last known "kai" structure document produced by Church sensei before his death. This kai structure document given by Church sensei shows the leadership of the system underwent a drastic change from earlier documents written by Church sensei naming system leadership. This document is confirmed by the senior black belt instructors in Kamishin Ryu at the time this document was released. Some of the people trying to discredit this document (and others like it) were not even in leadership positions in the organization when this document was released or were already dismissed from the Kai (1977). Many of the instructor-level black belts active at the time of this document confirm this as the wish of Church sensei and some are still active today. Some use a document that was put out by Church sensei in 1979 stating that Harold Martin resigned, this was discussed between Martin and Church sensei and he continued in the arts after this incorrect document. We have signed certificates and documents written after this document by Martin and Church sensei proving he was still active up until Mr. Church's passing (and beyond).

   Regardless of the "politics" of the art, today the Kokusai Shinshinkan Bugei Renmei is passing on the teachings of Shorinji Tetsu-Kempo and Nippon Shinshin Ryu as passed from the Kim Whang to Albert Church Jr. to Harold Martin, to the current head of the KSBR by inheritance, Darrell Collins.

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