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//-->The region's autonomous status is a condition of a peace agreement between the Sudan People's Liberation Army/Movement (SPLA/M) and the Government of Sudan represented by the National Congress Party ending the Second Sudanese Civil War. The conflict was Africa's longest-running civil war.

    South Sudan got its independence on July 09th, 2011 as a result of the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) signed on January 06th, 2005 between the Government of Sudan and the government of Southern Sudan. The Comprehensive Peace Agreement had granted the people of Southern Sudan the right to Self-Determination through referendum. During referendum on January 09th, 2011, the people of Southern Sudan voted 98% in favor of separation from Sudan to create an independent country of South Sudan.

A valid passport and Visa is required to enter into South Sudan. You may enter South Sudan through Air or land.

South Sudan is a landlocked country bordered by Uganda in the South, Kenya in South East, Ethiopia in the East, Sudan in the North, Central African Republic in the West and Democratic Republic of Congo in South west

Port of entries

  • Juba Airport (JUB) is the main international airport in the country. International flights like Ethiopian Airlines, Egypt air, Ugandan air, Kenya airways and  local airlines are available daily.
  • Nimule town is one of the land entry point located at South Sudan border with Uganda. Upon arriving at or leaving from border check point, you are required to check with South Sudan Immigration for clearance when entering or leaving the country.
  • The town is about 192 Kms from Juba the capital city of South Sudan. With paved road, driving between Nimule and Juba is very smooth. However, all drivers are advised to follow traffic laws and must keep right while driving in South Sudan.

 Other services

Accommodations and rental cars are available in Nimule town. Depending on room & bed size, the price per night ranges from 50 South Sudanese Pounds to 100 South Sudanese Pounds.

Services like, gas stations, restaurants, accommodations and rental cars are available for hire/rent in addition to boda-boda (motor cycle) in town.

Currently there are two banking institutions and other money transfer companies in town. You can easily get banking and money transfer services here without difficulties.

Should you need medical attention, Nimule Hospital is just a few Kilometers from the border check point and it’s on the road side with a clear sign.