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(Hoax) The Secret of NIMH Atari 2600 Game

     After doing some Google searches, I had discovered this thread from the Atari Age forums. Back in 2009, a user had posted a link to this paragraph surprised that The Secret of NIMH had an Atari 2600 game. However, others had replied saying that it "never happened" and "that looks like a hoax/joke." Screenshots from other games were supplied by members of the forum, and each one showed the same backgrounds seen in the pictures originally submitted to Maximum NIMH. It's rather unfortunate that this had never happened, but I guess it was fun to believe in before discovering the truth. I'll leave the faked screenshots here for viewing purposes and as something to remember Maximum NIMH by. Here are the faked screenshots I got off of Maximum NIMH that Droosan had supplied.

Main Title Screen. - Original work.

Guiding Jeremy to the Great Owl. - Background originally from Planet of the Apes.

Searching for the rosebush entrance. - Background originally from Sneak n' Peak. After looking back at the movie, it doesn't even look like the Fitzgibbon's home.

Avoiding Brutus. - Background originally from Mr. Do's Castle.

Riding the lantern elevator. - Not sure where the background is from...

Drugging Dragon's Supper. - Another background from Sneak n' Peak.

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Post Cards

     These are just like your average postcards you can get for 99¢ or less. These postcards were promotional towards the film and were only produced in 1982. Most of them were either screen-shots, or outside artwork to promote the movie.

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Production Celluloids

     Traditionally animated cartoons have a series of layers including a background, effects and cels of the characters or props. Production celluloids are transparent sheets on which characters and objects are hand-drawn or painted on to make up frames of an animation. The use of celluloids has been abandoned in major animation productions and studios in favor for digital ink and paint computer systems.

     Most animation studios would sell their celluloids after the animation process was completed, allowing many animation collectors to acquire countless production cels from The Secret of NIMH. Animation cels from The Secret of NIMH are one of the most common film-related items that you can find on auction sites. If you are a serious buyer, you can look forward to spending several hundred dollars on just one cel. Beware of reproductions and fakes and only purchase from trusted sellers and stores that have concrete proof of the item's authenticity.

     Below are several cels from the film that I have found over the internet. Credit goes to the original owners of the cels:

Click 1 = Jenner threatening Sullivan.

Photo 2 = Mrs. Brisby. Here she stands timidly.

Photo 3 = Jeremy all tied up in string.

Photo 4 = Timothy lying in bed sick with pneumonia.

Photo 5 = Justin holding on to Mrs. Brisby's amulet and cape.

Photo 6 = Mr. Ages mixing medicine for Mrs. Brisby.

Photo 7 = Mrs. Brisby comforting Mr. Ages

Photo 8 = A frightened Mrs. Brisby with Jenner.

Photo 9 = Mrs. Brisby, Mr. Ages, and Justin. "May I present to you, Mrs. Johnathan Brisby!"

These celluloids below used to belong to ex-NIMH Lodge Forum member desmouse;

The Cel with John Pomeroy's signature and Movie Still = Mrs. Brisby w/ Timothy's medicine

The Cel and Movie Still = Jeremy giving Mrs. Brisby Timothy's medicine.

The Cel = Cynthia and Auntie Shrew.

Group Shot of everything!

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1983 VHS Release

     This was the first home VHS release of the film and was released in January of 1983. Finding a version of this tape in good working order is rare. A must-have for any NIMH fan or VHS collector.


Click the image for a larger view!

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1986 VHS Release

     This version came out three years after the first one and the cover design is shared from MGM's Viddy-Oh! For Kids series - a series of VHS home releases of classic MGM cartoons (Daffy Duck, Tom & Jerry, Elmer Fudd, etc.). This release features slightly better quality compared to the first.

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1990 VHS Release

     The cover art for the 1990 release is possibly the most recognized among most NIMH fans as it boasts better detail and is more appealing to the eye. Part of MGM's Cartoon Movie Stars series, this version is Digitally-remastered with improvements to video and sound quality that is much more noticeable compared to prior releases.


Click the image for a larger view!

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1994 VHS Release

     The 1994 VHS features the same cover artwork as seen on the 1990 version with the addition of a blue background surrounding it. The tape is now enclosed in a plastic clam-shell case which became familiar in the 90s. Another notable addition is the text at the bottom of the front cover that mentions Don Bluth's later works after directing and producing The Secret of NIMH. It reads, "From the director of All Dogs Go To Heaven, The Land Before Time and An American Tail." You will have a common encounter with this version on auction sites.

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Phillips CD-i Video Disc

     The Phillips CD-i format was an uncommon type of video disc that surfaced in the early 90s, and was capable of playing video games and other entertainment discs. Even though this type of video player never really took off in the US, The Secret of NIMH somehow, got its own CD-i release in 1994 along with a limited number of other movie titles. As uncommon as the Phillips CD-i system was, finding a CD-i copy of the film will be rare.

     The CD-i release came in a double jewel-box case with two CDs, both in which are split in half at the same point as the laserdisc (As it seems to be the same transfer Badbird noted). It also comes with a liner notebook with a more in-depth description of the movie compared to the DVD releases and features the same cover artwork as seen on the 1990 VHS cover.

Photo & scans by 'Badbird' J.C. Foster:

 photo cdi_zps7f703b9f.jpg

 Front cover / Back cover.

     The Phillips CD-i Video Disc was the featured Item of the Month for March 2002 on Maximum NIMH.

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Sony Video 8 Cassette

     Sometime in the early 90s, numerous alternate video formats began surfacing, mostly for home video recording. The Video 8 format was Sony's attempt to bring back a more compact VHS standard, like the betamax, for that use. The Sony Video 8 cassettes are like miniature VHS tapes, but their size is almost equivalent to an audio cassette tape. The tape itself is 8mm, hence the name 'Video 8'.

     This is NOT Super 8mm, which is made of actual film.

Pictures taken by 'BadBird' J. C. Foster.

Picture 1: The Video 8 cassette contents.
Picture 2: Front View.
Picture 3: Back View.
Picture 4: Cassette tape.

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The Bootleg DVD

     One of the most interesting pieces here is a Bootlegger's copy of The Secret of NIMH disguised as the 1998 DVD release. It's unknown to my knowledge on how many of these were made before the official DVD release of the movie. A 'Bootleg Copy' is an illegal copy of a movie or show that has been unofficially reproduced and sold or given to a small quantity of people before the original release date. This is also called "Pirating". It's not worth the lawsuit to get a free copy of The Secret of NIMH, or any other movie in this manner.

     The features of the Bootleg DVD stand out to be quite obvious to it's design. For example, the grass on the back cover is suddenly cut off by a gray gradient background. The story paragraph is hardly legible with the white text and shadows nearly blending in with the background's color. The whole style in general does not match the movie's theme at all, except for the front cover. Even though this bootleg copy claims to have widescreen resolution, Badbird J.C. Foster notes that this is false. The photos below provide close-ups of the bizarre details:

Picture 1: Front Cover scan.
Picture 2: eBay auction photo.
Picture 3: Bootleg Compact-Disc.
Picture 4 and Picture 5: Background cover oddities. The text is difficult to read...

Picture 6: Full view of the back cover.

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The Official Flying Dreams Sheet Music

     This is the official sheet music that was released along with the film and contains Paul Williams' version of Flying Dreams that plays in the end credits. This book features the complete sheet music, any other sheets you may find are more simple versions or alternate arrangements of the song. Published by Big 3 Publications, the book measures 9 x 12 inches and has four pages of music. There are notes for the piano, vocals and guitar tabs. The cover has a modified version of the wreath logo surrounded by two shades of purple in the background.

More scans: Page 2, Page 3, Page 4 and Page 5.

     The Official Flying Dreams Sheet Music was the featured Item of the Month for March 2003 on Maximum NIMH.

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The Pendants

     A jewelry company called Royal Lambert crafted these unusual pendants for the movie. The pendants were produced in 1983 and they came with either a brass necklace, metal clip or pin and were held on a card stock. Due to the fact that they were hand-made, only a small quantity of these pendants exist. These particular items are rarely seen on eBay or any other auction site.

     Four characters from the movie were crafted into pendants and they were Mrs. Brisby, Cynthia Brisby, Jeremy and Mr. Ages. There is a possibility that more characters have been made, but they have yet to be discovered.

     February 18, 2017 Update: Pendants of Cynthia Brisby and Mrs. Brisby with the stone were discovered on! (Pictures 4 & 5)


     The pendant below was believed to be Auntie Shrew, but it is Timothy the panda from the 1982 television series called Pandamonium. How this character got mixed in on the card stock is unknown:

     The Pendants were the featured Item of the Month for November 2001 on Maximum NIMH.

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The Official NIMH Movie Posters

     As with almost every movie ever produced, The Secret of NIMH had several official movie posters to promote the animated film. The poster came in a variety of designs and sizes, including the iconic "Subway" size and appeared in both Coming Soon/Now Showing versions. These posters popped up in most movie theaters and various other advertising boards.

Click here to see the NIMH Poster when the movie was now playing!

Click here for a larger version.

A Rough Sketch of the first design for the poster that was rejected.

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The Original Soundtrack CD 1982

     The first United States release with original pressing on Varese Sarabande Records. The CD contains all of the major instrumental tracks from the film. On the cover, it uses the poster art on a black background. The catalog number is VCD 47231. Scans taken by "Badbird" JC Foster.


More pictures: Jacket, Inside, and the back.

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The Original Soundtrack CD 1993 United Kingdom Version

     The United Kingdom version of The Secret of NIMH Original Soundtrack. This CD contains all of the major instrumental tracks from the film, however the track listing is slightly switched around compared to the 1994 United States version. The logo art is featured on both the front cover and the back on a white background. Released on TER Limited with ID: CDTER 1026.


More pictures: Jacket, Inside, and the back.

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