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     You come to a hideout well hidden under a canopy of leaves and stones. Two big red bricks make up the doors to the entrance of the underground dugout. Upon prying open the flat-brick doors, there's nothing of interest and you turn back the way you came. Out of the darkness inside the tunnel, a mouse calls out to you, "Hey there, don't be afraid to come on in!" You turn around. "Looks like you found Nimhster's place. The name's Max, come on in and I'll show you around." Delving deeper into the tunnel, you then come across a board that displays the latest news on changes to the hideout as well as directions leading to other sectors. "This is one of the many directories here on Nimhster's website, but there is more to see. I'll show you around, follow me." Nodding your head, you follow Max further down the tunnel into a hallway. It's now up to you where to go next.


What's new for February 18, 2017 6:27 PM;


NIMH Merchandise: Redirected nearly all of the images to my Google Drive, Imgur, and hosting accounts. Revised various item descriptions in all sections.

Added two new photos to The Pendants in the Theatrical/VHS/DVD section!


Links: Added a link to The Collection of NIMH fansite.

 Moved Desert Mouse's Secret Mouse Hole website to Dead Links.

(From June 22, 2015) NIMH Screen Grabs: This page is down for an overhaul due to not receiving an update for several years and used a majority of the screenshots from Simon's Thorn Valley website. The page will return after I finish the new page structure and upload my own screenshots of the film.

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