Nickel Mines Pool

                                                                                                           Pool Rules       

* Absolutely no sharing memberships (non-transferable).

*Children under the age of 12 MUST be accompanied be a responsible person at least 15 years old. 

*Profane language, immoral acts, or extreme public display of affection are prohibited.

*No smoking outside of designed areas. Dispose butts in designated containers.

*Proper swim attire is required for pool use.

*Swim diapers (swimmers) must be worn in pool on persons not potty trained (available at front desk).

*No alcoholic beverages and/or drugs or being under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

*Proper fitted life jackets/vests and regular size noodles are permitted. Other Flotation devices will only be permitted when authorized by management.

*Everyone is expected to maintain appropriate sanitary standards for themselves and there children.    

*No pets allowed.

*No food, drinks, gum chewing, or smoking in the pool.

*No charcoal grills, burners, or cooking devices of any kind on pool property.

*No coolers, small lunch box size is fine.   

*No outside deliveries or food sources permitted (pizza, fast food, etc.)

*Pool hours: For any reasonable circumstances, we reserve the right to close early and/or for the day. If you're uncertain about the weather, please call before heading to the pool.


Our most important rule at Nickel Mines pool is to have fun and be safe doing it. Since getting hurt is no fun, below are some basic safety rules that we expect everyone to follow.


*Children using the kiddie pool must be supervised by an adult at all times.

*Our kiddie pool is designed for children 7 years old & younger. Please remind your children to be respectful to others.

*Anyone with skin abrasions, inflamed eyes, infections, or open wounds may be asked to exit the pool.

*NO RUNNING on concrete areas. We have bandaged too many bruises already. Please remind your children to slow down.

*No glass of any kind permitted.

*Listen to the lifeguards. If you hear a whistle blow, stop,look and listen for instructions.

*Unnecessary conversation with lifeguards on duty is prohibited.

*Pushing, dunking, noodle slapping, snapping towels, or inconsiderate behavior is prohibited.

*Diving is permitted in designated areas. No diving in shallow side of ropes or in kiddie pool.

*Management reserves the right to ask any individual of any age to exit the pool or move to shallow water, should they be struggling or unsafe in any manner.


  Failure to comply to our rules may lead to possible suspension from the pool facilities.

       ***We appreciate your cooperation in helping keep Nickel Mines Pool safe and clean. 

Whenever additional rules are deemed advisable for the proper conduct of the pool or for the protection of our customers and/or ourselves, the management reserves the right to issue and put in affect such rules, either printed or verbal.