Hnefatafl Pieces

I have been working on the Hnefatafl pieces.  The pieces have been inspired with our Viking and Pictish Heritage.  I have been working 'on and off' at the Old Scatness Broch & Iron Age Village in Shetland as a Development Worker specialising in crafts of the Ancients and based the Broch & Wheelhouses on the site which was found there.  The Galleys representing the Vikings circling the island and eventually settling in Shetland.   The Defenders are the Broch 'King', Wheelhouses 'Kings Men' and Viking Galleys 'attackers'.  Although there is no sign that the Vikings 'attacked' Shetland I thought it would make for an interesting concept in the game of Hnefatafl.  The pieces are made from moulding stone and the sails are made from leather. We can paint them any colour to suit the customer.  I have already made a set in Silver which is rather stunning.  Hope you like the new design.

















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