Hnefatafl Boards



The board above is currently being exhibited at Duncan House, Skye.

  The pieces (see below) are hand made from thick slate.  The board is

also on thick slate.



Hnefatafl is a Viking War Game. The attackers on each side of the

board, outnumber the defenders, centre board. I add various designs on

the board and around it and also make the playing pieces. Most of my

materials are recycled and all work is done by hand. The slate starts off

as rough as your roof tile but after a lot of rubbing down, by hand, it

eventually comes up like black glass. Quite a stunning effect especially

with the Gold Leaf Paint on the designs. These boards measure... for

the small ones 16inch by 10inch and the larger are around 16inch









Board carved on Pool Table thick slate.




This board was carved on pool table thick slate. The pieces are of

galleys, broch and wheelhouse made from die stone with leather sails










   The board above and with its new owner below                       

  A happy customer with his board!!  






The above set has galleys and brochs as the playing pieces which is

an original idea of mine for which I have the copyright.  Each galley

and broch was painstakingly hand made from clay and each prowess

and sail (and shields) were made by me from gold jewelery wire.
























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