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Yep, we got rid of it. We felt it was dsitracting to us and you :P

Sorry for those who liked it. BUT you can just head on over to to play these and more! And you can download it and put it on your own site.



Lets get a move on!

Work on our projects has increased ten-fold! We all clicked on our favorite music tracks and got a move on! Expect our Kirby RPG in a matter of months! Oh, our fave music tracks are Just Another Day from Knuckles Chaotix and Zankoku na tenshi no teeze from Neon Genesis Evangelion.



Major News

Okay, let me... just... catch my breath... hoo... *ahem* *ahe-hergh-hem* *hock patewy* Okay.

1. Possible MMO under way. My bro made a hilarious comic book with stick figures called "Random Events" based in an MMO. You really couldn't tell by looking at it, but it was. In fact, you would have to be told before reading it that it was in an MMO if "noob" didn't give it away. If we can find the comic we will post it, but we may not.

2. The NES emulation section may be removed. Along with the anime rating page. Sorry.

3. I have aquired an uncontrollable taste for oranges. Yeah, I don't know why either.



Scrapped Idea Picked Up Again!

Before I had the dream that Inspired me to make Dream RPG, an RPG was started with Kirby in it. I decided to pick the game up again when I began playing it.



The Flash Drive that DREAM RPG is on has been located, so work on it has been started up again. Namo The Emotion Retriever is now going through concept art selection, but no progress on the actual .EXE have been made, except for the warning screens.


Forum Now Open

The forum is open and read for use


Welcome to New Kingdom soft.

Hello there. Welcome to New Kingdom Software. This page is a simple welcome page that is crappy at the moment, but will contain news and updates. Check back later


-Entry by Konoshiro