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Vernon Collectors Club antique show

Posted by neumann32044 on July 8, 2011 at 8:18 PM

One show that I've always meant to attend was the Vernon Collectors Club show, which happens every year at the Vernon curling rink in the spring.  This year, I actually had some time off to drive out there and attend the show, and I made an overnight stay of it.  I was contacted through this site by Ray, a fellow collector that happened to be coming down to the Fraser Valley to attend a swap meet in Abbotsford.  Unfortunately, since I was heading upcountry myself, I wasn't able to meet him down here, so I arranged to meet him in the parking lot of the Tim Horton's in Merritt.

He said that he found my website when he was trying to identify a flag on a platter that he acquired, and offered it to me.  The platter in question, from the Western Canada Steamship Company, is one piece from that line that I hadn't yet acquired, and wasn't aware existed.  I've heard that many collectors of hotelware like to collect small pieces, like creamers and butter pats, which are much more easily displayed.  Large platters, like the one that I got from Ray, are more difficult to display, and take up a lot of room.

Ray, it turned out, was also a collector of Royal Canadian Air Force memorabilia, and I had five egg cups in my collection that I was able to do a partial trade in for the platter.  I got a new piece of steamship china, plus I got rid of some things that were cluttering up my apartment that didn't fit into my collection.  The coin in the picture below is a toonie, which gives a sense of how large this platter is!

The rest of the drive was uneventful, though there was still snow on the Okanagan Connector, and some flurries near the summit.  I stopped in Kelowna at a few antique stores, but I was disappointed with the small number of stores that were actually left.  Kelowna is steadily growing, and large highrises are replacing the downtown neighbourhoods of small older homes on tiny lots.  I continued on to Vernon, and finally made my way to the curling rink, with the help of Google Maps on my cellphone. 

I got to the show, and was once again facing the dilemma of whether or not I should buy something, just for the sake of not going home empty handed.  One of the vendors there had pieces from businesses that I already had, but were different shapes.  I was on the lookout for something unique.  I did find one piece that I didn't have in my collection yet, a small platter from the King Edward Hotel in Enderby.  Like the Grand Forks Hotel pieces I have, there are two different patterns from the King Edward Hotel.  One of them has an image of the hotel itself on the rim of the bowl.  Personally, its my favourite of the two.  The other one, pictured below, has the name of the hotel in a garter, with the name of the town inside:

Coincidentally enough, when I was trading for the steamship platter, Ray threw in some cutlery that he said was from the King Edward Hotel.  He bought them at an antique store near Falkland, B.C., which is relatively close to Enderby.  Of course, its very difficult to verify if the cutlery is indeed from the hotel, as there are no marks that specifically say  "Enderby", and there are likely many hotels that have had that name, in the past and present.  I may try to contact the museum in Enderby, and see if they have any cutlery from the hotel, and compare it to what I now have...

Anyway, to save money, I got a campsite in Vernon and slept in the back seat of my car.  It wasn't too bad, and I was able to save the money I would have spent on a hotel room for other purposes.  The drive home was fine, and I looking back on the experience, it was a positive one.  The only thing that could have helped was if the show was advertised properly.  If there are any readers that are from the Vernon club, please don't be offended.  But in this day and age, you need to have some sort of presence on the internet!  The only reason that I found out about it was because I found a flyer at an antique store.  When I tried to search online for a reference to it, I came up with nothing.  So please, any clubs out there who don't have a web presence, please get one!

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