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Posted by neumann32044 on May 17, 2015 at 7:40 PM

Wow, its been a long time since I posted anything and did an update with collecting finds.  I plan to do some extreme updating, and pre-schedule some postings to make sure new content gets added regularly.  I've had a lot going on in my professional life that has kept me busy and some negative stuff happen in the collecting game.

I got full time hours whick took away some of my extra time, and while I'm glad that I have a little more money to spend on collecting, it did cut into the time I spent doing research.  I've also gotten more involved in my union local as a shop steward, and the meetings, conferences, and educational opportunities are all done on my personal time which leaves less for hobbies.  This is very important where I work and engaging with coworkers and fighting workplace apathy as well as other issues can be time consuming but rewarding.  

The negative stuff has blown over and is improving slowly.  The big issue was the Microsoft Access database that I created to organize my collection suffered a catastrophic failure that took all my reports and other parts with it.  I had images of each piece of hotelware linked to it, rather than embedded so it saves on space.  However, I realized after it crashed that it was acting as if the images actually were embedded which caused the size of the database to balloon to 2 GB which is the maximum size an Access database can be.  It crashed and corrupted but I managed to save the raw data tables that I made.  I was so angry that it happened that I didn't look at it for months.  I finally turned my attention to it and in the last few days I've made it better than ever and now I can search by business name, distributor, manufacturer or shape.

I hesitate to even mention this because what happened has been resolved and in the past, but it seems that there is an antique collectors "grapevine" amonst the collectors of British Columbiana (if thats not a term, I'm coining it!) of which my hotelware and steamship china falls within.  Since I'm out in the Fraser Valley, and don't often have in person contact I am the last to hear anything, if I hear it at all.  In conversation, a couple people were alluding to something.  When I learned some details that finally made me put two and two together, I was absolutely choked and felt that my honour had been impugned.  But I moved past it and it was eventually ironed out.  Again, its been resolved but it really shook my confidence in what I was doing in sharing my collection like this in a public forum.

But things are looking up again!  I wrote an article about a hotel in Nanaimo which was published in my antique club's newsletter, I've made some neat finds and the database is working like I envisioned it.  Please look out for new postings in the near future.

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