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Current players in focus!

This section is for the 'public naming and shaming' of our players! Hopefully, everyone will be able to see that we have a good cross section of ages at the club, and the write ups on each player should give an insight into experience and possibly ability too!

So to kick it all off................

Mike Parnaby

Mike has been the one steady player at the club, going right back to when the club was founded in Stokesley, in 1978. The club itself has gone through many changes since then, (so has Mike's waistline!), but the one constant has been Mike. With 40+ years of playing experience, you would think Mike would be world class by now, but he has to satisfy himself with knowing that he has been involved in the development of some really great players, some of which are listed below! But there is life in the old dog yet and Mike can still cause a shock or two! This is helped by the fact that Mike is "multisurfacedextrous", he can play well on any pitch type.

Mike currently plays for Yorkshire Phoenix.

Ben Staples



Ben started playing when he was 11, his first game being a 21-0 drubbing. Apart from the beating (and Ben says that he thought he was cheated!), he was hooked on the game. Ben started playing Subbuteo with a friend on the living room carpet and they ran their own leagues and a version of Fantasy Football.

Ben entered his first tournament in 1990 at the Redcar open, where he picked up the sportsmanship award. From there, he joined the Adacomm Premier league in Redcar and the North East Regional League. After a time, he was invited to join the Teesside League where he met Mike and the Thomas brothers.

Ben has played in tournaments as far afield as Dublin, Belgium and Italy. Ben says, 'I am proud to have set up the NETFA with Mike and hope to continue supporting the development of the game'. 


Ben currently plays for Yorkshire Phoenix.

Jeff Parsons

Now possibly the oldest player within NETFA and not far from the oldest within the FISTF, but still attempting to compete with his much younger and agile opponents with the best mental tactics as he can muster. He founded  the Birmingham & District Table Soccer Association way back in 1969 which is about to start its 46th year, and in which he still plays. Having won the Birmingham league championship 9 times and the cup 6 times, he has in recent years not got above 4th or 5th place. He eventually won the TSPA English National League in 2002 after at least 15 years of trying. He toured and played in many European countries with the Supremo's and the TSPA English team. He joined the NETFA in 2013 and has performed well enough in his first season with the FISTF rules in both the Championship and the NETFA team. Jeff hopes to make his mark in the new league format.

Jeff is not affiliated to any FISTF team.

Chris Kaberry

Chris joined NETFA in January 2013 after a 30 year break from the game. After playing for 6 years with NETFA, North Shields STF and in the Brigantes Premier League he has become very competitive winning the Lionsraw Championship, the Brigantes Cup, two Tyne Valley Trophy titles and has notched up 10 regional WASPA titles. 
Chris would love to get over to Northern Ireland and play with the lads from Derry. They always seem to have a great time. That’s what it’s all about!’
Chris is not affiliated to any FISTF team.

Dave Brothers

In the 70's I played what was then purely known as Subbuteo and achieving second place in the Staffs. County League at the age of 15. 

In the 80's I ran a league in the care home I was working in for a couple of years, playing a few games against the boys, but never got around to playing seriously.

In early 2015, having taken early retirement and with time on my hands, I discovered that there were clubs in the North East and joined both NETFA and the Newcastle Table Football club. So I started playing for the first time with 'slides', hoping that I could regain 'the touch' and get used to a whole new way of's to hope.

Dave is not affiliated to any FISTF Team. 

Andy Mill

Having not played since his late teens, Andy took the game back up some three years ago. Enjoyed learning the game over again and regular practice and friendlies has allowed for much improvement and closer results against the more experienced players.

Andy is not affiliated to any FISTF Team. 

Rob Heseltine

Rob is quite new to the game of Subbuteo having only played in the early 1990's laid on the living room carpet whilst still at Junior school! In 2014 Rob found NETFA and has once again found the love for the game at a competitive level. He is still new to the game at this level but is hoping that with more games under his belt, his results will improve.

Rob is not affiliated to any FISTF team

Neil Beeforth

Neil joined the league at the start of the 2017/18 season. He originally played way back in the 70s and 80s in Mike’s garage and has had a stop start career ever since. From the heady days of the Micklefield League in Yorkshire (with some of the game’s best players at the time) to the hospital hall in Stockton and the prefab at Marton he has played at them all. Since those early days, he took a lengthy break from the game, returning last year after about 25 years away to quickly pick up where he left off, a very attacking player who can regularly be found with a strong 2-man defense! “It’s been great joining such a well-organized and diverse league to rediscover my love of this game we call Subbuteo”

Beefy is not affiliated to any FISTF team.

John Bottomley

John also returns to the game after a brief time away. He is not a player to be taken for granted and his results are as unpredictable as the teams he uses! You never know which beautifully painted team he will use but it is always a beauty. Colin Lewis...king of the paint brush!

John currently plays for NETFA Teesside

Neil Youngson

Neil returns to the club after a season 'resting'. He is another who came back to the game after playing as a child. The new style really seems to suit Neil who combines a thoughtful approach with silky speed down the wings. A player to beware of!

Neil currently plays for NETFA Teesside

Selected League Group Photos!

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