North East Table Football Alliance

  Subbuteo in the North East since 1978

Our Ethos

  "Providing an opportunity and an environment for players of the North East of England to play table football in the spirit of fair play, mutual respect and competition."

The logo was drawn by Richard Duszczak


Welcome to our website!

We are a table football club, based in the North East of England. Before anyone gets the wrong idea, we are not talking about kebab football where the players are on sticks. No, we are talking about what most people would call Subbuteo.

As things stand at the moment, we are a club made up of players from many different teams or clubs, hence the Alliance in our title. 

Our official supplier is

How we work.

The club is a closed league once the season has started. This means that we start each season with a committed bunch of players who are determined to complete a set fixture list. We do not cater for casual players as such, only those committed to the league structure and ethos. However, each August we welcome applications to join the club and make the whole league stronger, and of course our players are open to friendly matches throughout the season. Although we play to the rules as prescribed by FISTF, we do have a few 'in house' rules that we apply to aid the enjoyment of all our players.


So, are you from the North East of England and fancy joining us in the near future?

If so, then you can find out more about us, where we meet and when by contacting us on:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

We hope you enjoy the rest of the site, and would be delighted if it inspires you to take up Table football. There are clubs all over the country so even if ours is of no interest, get in touch and I can maybe point you in the right direction. If you do decide to get those fingers flicking, or even if you don't, can we all at N.E.T.F.A. wish you good luck! Alternatively, has really taken off so why not give lady luck a try there!

Upcoming Fixtures!

North Shields

Dave v Rob

Andy v Dave

Andy v Rob

North Shields

Andy v Neil

Neil v Beefy

Andy v Beefy

North Shields

Chris v Andy

Andy v Mike

Chris v Mike

Great Ayton

Beefy v Mike

Beefy v Rob

Mike v Rob

Recent Results


Nigel 0 v 3 Neil

Rob 2 v 0 Nigel

Rob 0 v 3 Neil


Jeff 0 v 0 Nigel

Nigel 0 v 0 Andy

Jeff 2 v 0 Andy


Neil 2 v 1 Chris

Chris 2 v 0 Dave

Neil 3 v 0 Dave

WASPA World Rankings!

November 2018

 World Ranking
In addition to the individual rankings shown above, NETFA Brigantes is ranked 16th in the World Rankings of Top Clubs at WASPA

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