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Download Taskbar Shuffle

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Windows XP/Equivalent
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About Taskbar Shuffle

No hotkey, no extra steps, drag and drop the programs on your Windows taskbar by simply... well, dragging and dropping them!  Neat concept, huh?

No need to get all nervous when a program crashes or if you wanna reboot; you can reorder the programs/buttons on your taskbar exactly how you like.

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How To Use Taskbar Shuffle

Once you download, install, and run Taskbar Shuffle, left-click and drag the programs/buttons on your Windows taskbar to rearrange them.  It's that easy, if you need any help, contact me.

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To make sure Taskbar Shuffle runs smoothly, disable the taskbar button grouping option in Windows XP:

  1. Click Start > Settings > Taskbar and Start Menu
  2. UNcheck the "Group similar taskbar buttons" option if it's checked
  3. Click the OK button
  4. Enjoy feeling less retarded