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Minas Tirith

As you may have guessed, this photo was taken in a shed. This is where I play most of my battles, that's a GW battle mat covering our table tennis table. Makes for a very useful gaming board; plenty of space which is especially useful for this structure. The whole thing is around 1.2m wide off the top of my head. Might be a bit longer. The wall itself is around 15cm from front to back, which allows plenty of space to move the models around.


Bit of a closer look at the gate here. The gate itself is made from balser wood. The rest of the structure is made from 5mm foamboard. There's no difference between the black and white, it's just what the store had in stock whenever I needed more.

For anyone who hasn't tried working with foamboard before, a little piece of advice. Make sure you have a very sharp stanley knife! I found it quite difficult getting clean, smooth cuts for many pieces because I was using an older knife. Also, some suppliers seem to sell poorer quality foamboard. I'm not sure exactly what the difference is, but some sheets are much more difficult to cut than others. It pays to shop around and find a decent supplier.


Bit of a dodgy pic here, but at least you can see the depth of the wall. I found with the GW Minas Tirith it was very difficult to move models around once fighting broke out on the wall. Models were too easily trapped and it didn't make for a very exciting gaming experience. I much prefer this one, with plenty of space to move about.


Not entirely sure why the white tower on the left is leaning that much. I think there might've been something under the battle mat.

Anyway, this is a view from behind the gate. As you might be able to see, the gates are attached by small hinges, meaning they can be opened and closed as required.

Each tower has a doorway cut into it, and there are stairs leading up to the top so models can be moved inside. A section of the tower wall (you can see the cut line above the door) is removable so you can battle inside the tower as well as on the wall.

At the moment the whole wall is looking a bit rough around the edges. That'll all be smoothed out once primary construction is complete. I'll be filling in the gaps and texturing the smooth wall faces with a thin coat of plaster.

I'd say I'm around the half way mark through the project as a whole so far. This much has taken me about a year, though that's only because I left it sitting for months through the year as other committments prevented me from continuing work. I'd say if you had a spare two or three weeks with fairly steady work you could achieve the same thing.


A little hard to see the details here because of the background, but you can see the steps I've added now. Makes gameplay a lot easier when models can be moved on and off the wall.


So here's the inside of the tower that I described earlier. As you can see, the back part has been removed to allow access to the staircase. This means that fighting can take place in and around the tower with ease.


Made two siege towers today, nothing spectacular but they should do the job. The design is basically taken from the one in the Siege of Gondor supplement. Still needs to be textured and everything, I only actually put it on the table to make sure it was the right height for the wall.


This was originally going to be an Osgiliath battle report, but Samuel and I didn't manage to finish it. It was looking like a comfortable victory for Mordor though. Basically the objectives were four areas on the board that we had to capture. First side to capture all four won the battle.


The objectives are circled in red obviously. Two models had to be on the top level of these terrain pieces in order to capture it. The board is made up of a random mixture of terrain we thought would suit a city battle. Mixed in there are random ruins that I made a while ago, my new Minas Tirith piece as well as some parts of the GW Minas Tirith set. You can also see some of GW's premade ruin pieces about the place too.


I plan on making a lot more ruined scenery to use in battles like this. Ideally I'd like the entire board covered in ruins of some sort. Either broken and intact buildings, roads, maybe a river through the middle.


The paint jobs leave a lot to be desired, but they can easily be touched up when necessary. The earlier pieces I made were simply sprayed light grey.


This building was about to be taken by the Easterlings. The floor is a rubber, non-slip mat that people put in bathrooms or on benches to stop them sliding around. Easy to cut and glue, it made for a quick and simple means to get a pattern for the base of the structure.


Exceedingly blurry pic, but you can see a bit more of the ruin's detail.


The varying elevations of battle in this game was something we really enjoyed. It adds a certain extent of realism to the street fighting. I plan on making some larger, more complex structures in the future to extend on this and make the battles even more chaotic!


A bit of street fighting is always fun! Of course, by the stage this photo was taken most of it was over in this particular area.


Here's a wide shot of the battlefield.


And the other side. As you can see, both sides held two objectives by the end of the game. Mordor, however, was assaulting both Gondorian objectives simultaneously and was on the verge of victory.

Minas Tirith Complete



 Minas Tirith is finally complete, after a few years! Still probably has the odd touch up, but it's pretty much ready for battle.

I gave the entire thing a thin layer of plaster, just to give the walls some stone texture, then sprayed the whole thing white. 








 A view from the north side of the wall looking south. You can see the Knights of Dol Amroth, plus Beregond with some Citadel Guard near the closest tower.





The Fountain Guard Guard ensuring no enemy breaches the gate! 













Siege Towers



 Just finished the siege towers to go with the wall of Minas Tirith. They took a little longer than expected to complete, especially given the work put into making the ladders.

Pretty happy with the result though. 






























So I got a plaster cast of Grond for my birthday last year, and set to making a decent frame for it to swing off. Scale was a concern for the most part, but luckily it seems to go very well with Minas Tirith. Bullet dodged!

So, here's the finished job (after some months of procrastination):



And a couple of progress shots of the frame coming to life!




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