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Hey all, 

I hope you've enjoyed the contents of my site. If you would like any further detail about how I've painted any of my models, please feel free to contact me on the One Ring website (www.one-ring.co.uk) - my username is Necromancer7.

If any of the content stops working in future, it's because I am no longer paying to maintain this site. The cost built up over the years to the point where it is no longer a worthwhile investment.

Thanks :)



1/02/15 - After a long hiatus, I have two new updates! I've added a painting guide for Amdur, Lord of Blades (what a great model) and to get myself back into the swing of things I decided to paint up the one and only Lord of the Rings himself - you'll find a few pics of the Dark Lord Sauron in the Mordor gallery. 

26/04/13 - A couple of new things today! Firstly a painting guide for Mordor Uruk-hai (in the Mordor section) and secondly a nice new addition to the Terrain page - Grond!  

2/02/13 - I've just added a new painting guide. What's better than painting one Mordor Troll? Painting three! Check it out on the Mordor Page :)

27/01/13 - Today we have a new battle report! The Easterlings learn to sleep with one eye open! 

24/12/12 - I've just finished some Black Guard of Barad-dur. you'll find them protecting Gothmog in Gallery 2 on the Mordor page! 

16/9/12 - Some small updates today. If you go to the Gondor page, you'll find in 'Gallery 2' some pics of my newly completed Knights of the White Tower. Also, in the Fallen Realms page you'll find my new Easterling Dragon Knight! 

4/5/12 - Contrary to what these updates might suggest, I've actually been quite busy on the painting and battling front. I've just added a painting guide for the Men at Arms of Dol Amroth, which you'll find in the Gondor section. More stuff coming soon! 

12/01/12 - I've just completed a painting guide for the Winged Nazgul. Check it out in the Mordor page :) 

 4/11/11 - I recently completed a new Mordor Troll Chieftain. He's been converted to have a raised arm. You'll find him in the Mordor Gallery. Currently starting a conversion/painting guide for the Winged Nazgul. Should be up soon! 

18/8/11 - My newly finished Mordor Orc Drummer, along with a few Metal Mordor Orc Warrior friends, is in the Mordor Gallery. 

3/7/11 - A new painting guide up today. Go to the Mordor Section and you'll find the Orc Taskmaster there!

27/6/11 - There's a new battle report up today. Hope you enjoy watching Gondor and Mordor fight over a bunch of ruins! 

18/5/11 - I've just added a couple of photos of the new Oliphaunt and his newly painted crew. I started a painting guide for them, but moving house and other interruptions conspired against me in that endeavour. Hope you enjoy the photos at least! 

24/3/11 -  We have a new battle report today, together with a reformatted Battle Reports page to accommodate! Hope you enjoy it.

4/3/11 -  The painting and conversion guide for the Oliphaunt, or Mumak if you prefer, is complete! You'll find it in the Harad section. Enjoy!

28/1/11 - Just in the process of reorganising some parts of the site at the moment. The painting guides are now located under their specific army sections. I'll be doing a few tweaks to the place over the next few days, so if it starts looking odd just hang in there!

Another large painting guide will be up soon! 

21/8/10 - The painting guide for King Theoden is complete! His link is to the right of screen. 

29/7/10 - So you'll now find the Morannon Orc Captains in the Painting Guides section, I prefer having a specific link rather than forcing you to hover over the Mordor section. It's all about convenience here! 

27/7/10 - The site's first painting guide is up! Just put your cursor over the Mordor section and the link to the Morannon Orc Captains guide will appear. If there are any specific models you'd like to see guides for, feel free to say so in the Guestbook! 

16/7/10 - The Winged Nazgul makes its first appearance at the bottom of the Mordor section. 

2/7/10 - Gondorian reinforcements continue, with the completion of the Mounted Knights of Dol Amroth. 

26/4/10 - The Siege Towers have been finished. They're in the Terrain section, down toward the bottom of the page along with the wall of Minas Tirith. 

10/4/10 - Minas Tirith is finally complete! That's right, the star of the epic siege battle report is now plastered, painted and ready to go! You'll find it, along with some friendly Gondorians, in the Terrain section. 

9/4/10 - The Guards of the Fountain Court are the latest additions to the Gondor section 

9/02/10 - Beregond and the Citadel Guard have been added to the Gondor section. 

8/02/10 - Some new pics in the Mordor section. My new Mordor Troll drummer is in there! 

2/03/08 - I've added some terrain pics today. The pics were originally going to be used for a battle report, however time constraints meant a proper conclusion was never achieved. The photos look alright though.

24/01/08 - The devestating conclusion to the Siege of Minas Tirith is now complete! Will the Free Peoples or the Shadow prevail? 

21/01/08 - The Mounted Captain of Dol Amroth has been finished. He's with his comrades in the Gondor section. 

15/01/08 - First Battle Report is up! Re-live the heroic conflict on the fields of Pelennor. 

14/01/08 - Prince Imrahil and my Captain of Dol Amroth are now complete. You'll find them in the Gondor section.









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