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The Club Constitution


1.       The Club shall be called the Blackpool Ice Figure Skating Club

2.       The object of the Club shall be the promotion of Ice Skating. The Club shall affiliate to the National Ice Skating Association of U.K. Limited.

3.       The membership of the Club shall be confined to eligible persons as defined by the National Ice Skating Association of U.K. Limited.

4.       Membership of the Club shall comprise "Full (or Senior) Members" who shall be not less than 18 years of age and "Junior Members" who shall be less than 18 years of age. Full (Senior) Members shall have power to vote at General Meetings. Junior Members shall not have voting powers, but a parent of a Junior Member may vote on his/her behalf. Should there be more than one Junior Member in a family, the parent will exercise only a single vote.

5.       The Officers of the Club shall consist of:  President, Vice-President(s) (if desired), Chairman, Vice Chairman (if desired), Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

6.       The Club shall be managed by a Committee which shall consist of the Officers and 3 Committee Members. At a Committee Meeting, 5 shall constitute a quorum. Officers and Committee Members may serve if elected for not more than three consecutive years, regardless of the post to which they are elected. After three years they must stand down for a minimum of one year; after which they may stand for re-election.

·         The Committee may co-opt additional members, up to a maximum of three, with power to vote.

·         The Committee may appoint Sub-Committees or Working Parties to deal with specified items of Club business, at its discretion. Such Sub-Committees or Working Parties shall report to the Club Committee.

7.       The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held in November each year.

·         A notice giving the date, time and location of the AGM shall be sent to all members one month prior to the AGM. The notice shall inform members that any proposals for the AGM Agenda must reach the Hon. Secretary two weeks prior to the AGM.

·         The Agenda for the AGM shall be displayed on the Club notice board one week prior to the AGM.

·         At the AGM, Business discussed shall include:

·         Report of the Chairman (or Committee).

·         Report of the Hon. Treasurer and the presentation of the audited accounts.

·         Election of Officers and Committee for the ensuing year.

·         Agenda proposals and any other relevant business.

·         Appointment of Auditors for the ensuing year.

and such other items as deemed appropriate.

·         Voting at the AGM shall be by show of hands or by secret ballot at the discretion of the Chairman unless a majority of those present and eligible to vote request a secret ballot before the vote is taken.


·         Except for items of special Business (Rule 9), proposals shall be decided by a simple majority. Proposals constituting Special Business shall be decided by a majority of 75% of the votes cast

8.       A Special General Meeting may be called at any time by the Committee and the Hon. Secretary shall give 14 days notice to all members giving the date, time and location and the Agenda of the SGM.

·         On the receipt of a written request from not less than 6 Full Members stating the purpose for which the Meeting is to be called, the Hon. Secretary shall convene a Special General Meeting to take place within one month of the request. Should the SGM not be convened within the specified time, the Members submitting the request may themselves convene the SGM. Those convening the SGM shall be given access to the current list of members.

·         At a Special General Meeting no business other than that specified in the Notice of the Meeting shall be discussed and voted upon.

9.       Special Business at a General Meeting shall consist of:

·         A proposal to amend the Rules of the Club.

·         Disciplinary proceedings.

10.   Committee meetings shall be held as required but not less than four times each year.

·         The Hon. Secretary shall inform the Officers and Committee members of the time, date and location of a Committee meeting, giving not less than 7 days notice.

·         At a Committee meeting, the Chairman if present will normally take the Chair. In his absence, the chair will be taken by another Officer or Committee Member as decided by those present.

·         At each Committee meeting the Hon. Secretary shall keep Minutes which shall either be circulated to the Officers and Committee members, or read at the start of each Committee meeting.

11.   Applications for Club membership shall be made on form for this purpose, or by letter; in the latter case, the applicant shall be asked to complete a form at a later date.

·         Applications for membership will be considered by the Committee at its first meeting after receipt of the application. Election will be by ballot.


·         The Financial year of the club shall be from the XXXX until the XXXX following. Club funds shall be administered by the Hon. Treasurer and the Committee.

·         A bank account will be opened in the name of the Club and the authorized signatories on Club cheques shall be the Hon. Treasurer and any other Officer.

·         The Hon. Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of all income and expenditure and submit an audited Statement of Account at each Annual General Meeting.

·         The Club accounts shall be audited each year by two Club members, who shall not be Officers or Committee members, appointed as Auditors at the Annual General Meeting.

13.   The Committee shall have authority to warn, suspend or expel any member should the conduct of the member be such that it brings the Club into disrepute. Any member alleged to have acted in such a manner shall be so informed in writing by the Hon. Secretary and be asked to attend a meeting of the Committee to give an explanation before any disciplinary measure is decided.
A Junior Member may be accompanied at such a meeting by either or both parents.


·         If the Committee decides that the conduct of the member warrants suspension or expulsion, the member may submit a written Appeal against the decision of the Committee for consideration by a Special or Annual General Meeting. The decision of such a General Meeting will be final.

14.   Members subscriptions are due on the 1st XXXX each year. A member whose subscription is not paid by the 1st XXXX (1 or 2 months later) shall not be entitled to the privileges of membership until the subscription has been paid. The member whose subscription remains unpaid for more than one year may be required to re-apply for membership.

15.   An Officer or Committee member may invite a visitor from another rink/club/country to use the Club facilities for up to 14 days in any one year on payment of the guest fee.

16.   The committee has the authority to organise such competitions or social events as it thinks appropriate. Open competitions organised by the Club shall conform to the Rules of the N.I.S.A. currently in force.

17.   The Officers, Committee members, Sub-Committee or Working Party members shall not be liable, other than as Club members, for any loss suffered by the Club as a result of their duties on the Club's behalf except when such loss arises from wilful default.

18.   Any person making use of Club facilities or attending a Club function does so at their own risk.

19.   The Committee has the authority to decide any matter not covered by these Rules. The Committee may produce bylaws or standing orders etc. to govern the day-to-day conduct of Club activities. Such bylaws shall be displayed on the Club notice board.

20.   No alteration may be made to these Rules other than at the Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting. Any proposal to alter these Rules shall be set out in full on the Agenda for the meeting.

21.   Any proposal to dissolve the Club shall only be moved at the Annual General Meeting or a Special Meeting called for that purpose. Any assets remaining after all debts and liabilities have been met shall be used for the furtherance of Ice Skating or such other purpose in a manner decided by the General Meeting The Officers at that time shall be responsible for winding up the affairs of the Club.