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Bill Maher
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Reply Ronald Lucarini
3:39 PM on April 17, 2020 
Over the last several months, I have received emails from your office about donating to your campaign and other causes that I consider worthy.  I actually sent you a small donatoion.  The other day I was sent an email to send money for yet another cause.  It was a worthy cause; to help acquire more funds for those who are employed on the front lines of this war (virus).  

I would love to send another ten or twenty-five dollars for this cause.  However, I must ask myself, "Why?"  Why should I send funds to a hopeless situation?  why should I send money when our public officials allow blatant abuses of the "stay at home order" that the governor issued weeks ago. 

I was under the misguided impression that "stay at home" meant inside your god damned house, with exceptions like, walking your dog by yourself and away from others, taking a jog for exercise (again by yourself or away from others, going grocery shopping on an as needed basis (exercising the proper distance from people and wearing masks etc.),gong to the doctor's office etc. etc.

Recently, a teacher from a local middle school put out an email to their entire staff with the idea of organizing a car caravan or parade around the streets affiliated with the middle school in question.  I wrote to the superintendent about this INSANE idea.  I taught for forty years in the same school district before retiring.  I think I know the human nature of kids a little bit.  I indicated that a situation like the one for which the teacher was advocating, while m,aybe well intended, might result in kids playing with one another and not practicing safe distance. 

During my forty years in the district, I also experienced parents who thought they were above having to adhere to rules and regulations. Therefore, I also included the idea that parents, being of a certain age and not giving two shits about anyone else, might find that as an opportunity to justify breaking the rules as well. 

The superintendent, rightfully, "nixed" the idea.  During the same email chain put out by the teacher, the principal responded by writing "I'm in."   After a couple of people had written a few comments like, "maybe we should call the local police chief and see if this is allowed," the principal then came to her senses, of which she apparently doesn't have many, and retracted her original, politically (everything in the school system seems to be driven by politics, both internally and EXTERnALLY) instinctive response and retracted her "i'm in" tone or posture.  

That brings us up to this week.  Earlier in the week, a member, or members of various PTOs, put out a facebook or email to the members on their chain, organizing car caravans, or parades, alerting parents and students that car caravans would soon be driving down their street and encouraged the parents to come outside with their kids to wave "hi" at the kids because they miss them so much.  Obviously, the main participants in the caravans were teachers.

Soon after, tghere were more schools joining in and announcing their car caravans, the routes of which, were specific to the kids in their area.  Now, not only did they encourage the kids to come out of the house, they encouraged parents who did not live on the main streets, to walk to the "corner" and wait for the parades to come by.  I say "parades" (plural) because these caravans included the elementary sending schools of each middle school and the middle school to which the kids on that street attend.  The result of this was that not only did one parade come by, but one or two more parades, representing either the other elementary school and/or the middle school of that sending area, csame by an hour later.  Therefore, parents and their kids were not only breaking the stay at home order for five or ten minutes, they were breaking it for hours, as each parade came by separately spaced an hour after the other. 

The result of this stupidity, was exactly what I said it was going to be.  Parents throughout the district, especially in the corners where they traveled to see the kids, congregated, clearly breaking the "stay at home" rules. Not only do I have reports about such congregations, I have pictures as well.  The "kids wil be kids" axiom clearly was on display as the neighborhood kids, in many cases started to play amongst one another.

Prior to these last caravans that occurred today between the hours of 11:AM and 1:00 PM (again there were several) down my street, I had alerted the superintendent and BOE members, as well as state sentaros and assemblymen in the area, to the foolishness of this silly idea, especially the parts related to "comng out" of their homes and "walking to the nearest corner."
Reply Les
8:18 PM on March 15, 2019 
Mr. Mahar will you have the courage to call the shooting in New Zealand and in Canada what it really is, Christian terrorist. Will Trump now put a band on Christians travelling from shit hole countries like Canada , Australia and New Zealand. The KKK are Christian Terrorist.
Reply fed up with BM
9:57 AM on September 29, 2018 
The people who need to be respected are those that you are putting down. Thank GOD that Donald Trump ran for presidency. Of all the presidents HE is the ONLY one who has made such great changes in this country. The dirty politics, the lies, the media. Kavanaugh is a good man, unlike you who doesn't even know what a good man is. You don't even know what integrity means and have no knowledge of what a feeling is. Harry Reid llied about Romney, Ford and her lawyers are in the same boat. For a woman who wanted everything to be quiet and didn't want to appear sure has made a change. Information that the attorneys had, sure could have been presented, but no, not the right time. Liers, deceivers, political scam players, surely are people who don't represent what I think our country should be known for. Shame on you and all those who are in the boat.
Reply gladys
2:38 AM on June 4, 2017 
I like you Bill, but I didn't like you using the "N" word last night on your show. You of all people really surprised many of us and we did't think it was a funny joke.
Reply D Lewis
11:20 PM on July 1, 2016 
Hi Bill,

I'm a huge fan of your show. Listen religiosity. You made living in Antarctica bearable while living in overcrowded conditions like some NY rat.

I normally don't write these kind of emails but felt it was important for your viewers and listeners to know the details not the superficial story that is spooned by the media to the average American who is all to often under informed and lacks the time to invest in learning more about the details of most stores. However, your recent comments on your 6/10/16 show about Hillary winning fair and square is very debatable. I'd like to pass along a link to an article on a recent court filing charging the DNC with "fraud?against the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz?based on the revelations from the recent Guccifer 2.0 documents purportedly taken from the DNC?s own computer network.? The Guccifer 2.0 documents include internal memos in which the DNC broke legally binding neutrality agreements in the Democratic primaries by strategizing to make Hillary Clinton the nominee before a single vote was cast." Here's the link to the full article:

Additionally, when NBC called the election prior to the California vote, this was a total departure from journalistic norms and an obvious attempt to sway voters or reduce Sanders turnout. NBC has everything to gain from the system as it is, change is not in their best interest.

I hope you take this as an attempt to inform and expand the dialogue rather than a critque of your amazing show that many rely on as a form of news as well as comedic entertainment.

Your friend in News and Current Affairs, D. Lewis

Keep it coming, we need the laughs in this laughably "free country".
Reply Lee Eddy
12:50 AM on November 7, 2015 
Bill I think is great that Keystone was shut down. As a Canadian I have always been afraid that our water would be shipped to you by a pipeline. Thanks for your support for delaying this.
Reply Digga the nigga
6:55 AM on June 10, 2012 
Fuck your autograph Bill. Not star struck by any stretch of the imangine. Laugh out loud smiley face. Not that I don't respect you. You are fuckin great man keep it going. How about this. Uncle sam pointing his finger top hat and all say'n. I WANT YOU TO RAPE AND PILAGE WOMEN AND CHILDREN.
Reply Terry Collins
9:30 PM on March 13, 2012 
If Bill's mother is still alive, she needs to wash his mouth out with soap, If she is dead, . . . then I'll do it.
Reply Carol
9:12 AM on February 23, 2012 
I have been your program for years and I think you are great at talking about people in congress.
It does bring up the health care issues and people on social security and the health care program for them.
What is not been brought up is the fact that most that are on social security does pay a monthly premium for that health care program for people on social securith.
Yes some does get this free but its not free for us Americans that worked and payed into there social security since they started working in there teens.
I did start getting my social security at an early age because I was in accident in 1991 and I am disabled in a wheel chair and If I could work I would but I cant.
The people in congress pay nothing for there health care and when they leave office or voted out of office they still get this free because they are the people that votes too see if we get the coast living and until 2012 was our first coast of living in about four years but congress voted them self a increase of 4,000.00 more a month and got health care free.
Most on social security get 500.00 too 1,000.00 a month and after the part b went up and our health insurance went up I got maybe 15.00 dollars more on my check.
So we don't get this free and we pay a monthly premium every month for out health care.
That idiot bush got into that fund for the war and that is why they say its going broke but its going broke because congress gets this money after leaving office.
I worked on jobs and when I left my job they didn't keep paying my health insurance and I sure didn't get a check every month neither.
All they do is go too there job and bitch awhile then go too lunch and and we pay them for this as we eat bread and water they eat steak.
Just wanted you too know we don't get this free and maybe you can bring this up on your show because we are getting a bad rap because we are on social security.
Thank You for putting those idiots in there place and maybe most American people will start listening too and wake up and kick there ass out of there jobs and put people in there place that can get something done about this before we all die from hunger because we can't keep up with our low income on buying food because every thing goes up except our income.
Thank You