Guns N Roses Trade list

6.8.2007-I updated my trade page with the following shows
                 04.24.1993 Palacio De Los Deportes - Mexico City, Mexico(GNRMINE)
                 12.17.1991 Philadelphia Spectrum Philadelphia, PA, USA(DYLAN)
6.13.2007-Updated my page with 10 new dvds.
6.14.2007-I updated the various collection with the Robert John dvd.
6.16.2007-Updated my collection with 6.19.1993 Cologne, Germany(Commander)
6.24.2007-Created a various DVD page and added to it. I will be getting a big update on GNR dvds(60 dvds) within the next few weeks. Check back.
6.28.2007-Updated my GNR Dvd page with Nassau 91, 2 Oklahoma 92 shows, roxy 86.
7.10.2007-I got the 60 GNR dvds. Check out this HUGE update.
7.21.2007-Created a Zeppelin audio page. If you want to know the exact version of each show I have contact me. I collect the best versions.
8.2.07- Added Velvet revolver, Page and Plant and some Snakepit stuff. I am really looking for some Page and Plant audio if you want to trade for anything.  I am also looking for DVDr's from Page and Plant that I don't have.

8. 4. 07- Added 2.8.96 page and plant 3 dvd show. I now have all of the Page/Plant shows from Tokyo 96 which are the best shows Page and Plant ever did in my opinion. Those shows were special.

Guns N' Roses is the most exciting live band ever. Please check my GNR Dvd list.

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