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Through keen wisdom and understanding of the key turning points that set Nancy on the course of her life, she has learned how every life experience fits together, and what matters most to her.  As a result of having a near-death (NDE) and a near-death-like experience (NDLE), her passion is to help others while serving a higher purpose.  This service is what Nancy considers her calling in life.

Nancy Clark graduated from Women's Medical College specializing in cytology, the study of cells.  She worked as a cancer researcher and cytology instructor at Ohio State University for many years and worked in the clinical cytology arena in different laboratories until her retirement.  Vigorously trained in the scientific method, this scientific background enabled her to analyze her own mystical experiences objectively before arriving at the ultimate conclusion that parallel realities indeed, exist.  Now retired, she is passionately devoting her life to the spiritual work that is so important to her by inspiring others toward the Transcendent nature of life and into the mysterious union with the Light of God.

Nancy is a member of the International Association for Near-Death Studies, Inc. (IANDS), a worldwide non-profit organization dedicated to the research, education and support of near-death and similar transformative experiences. She is also a member of the Academy for Spiritual Consciousness Studies; American Center for the Integration Spiritually Transformative Experiences. She is the founder and facilitator of the Columbus, Ohio IANDS organization since 1984, making it the second longest surviving local chapter affiliated with IANDS in the entire world. Go to for more information.

Her extensive public speaking background includes giving presentations to colleges, universities, community organizations, churches, hospitals, professional conferences, metaphysical and spiritual groups.  Nancy has also been interviewed on radio and television. Her writing has appeared in  professional journals, a contributor to other author's books and magazines. She has also acted as a consultant to journalists.

Brief descriptions of her experiences are written in the following renowned near-death experience researchers books: Kenneth Ring, PhD, Heading Toward Omega, and Lessons From The Light; Charles P. Flynn, PhD, After The Beyond; PMH Atwater L.H.D, PhD (Hon) ,Beyond The Light;  and Barbara Harris, Spiritual Awakenings. In addition, Nancy's experiences have been published in Josie Varga's three books, Visits From Heaven, Journey To Heaven, and A Call From Heaven.  Nancy was a consultant for journalist, Jim Auer, "Understanding a Near Death Experience" written for CareNotes by Abbey Press.

Nancy was given a calling during her second near-death-like experience to "speak and write" what her Great Teacher, the Light revealed to her. She promised the Light of God that she would fulfill this calling until she drew her final breath. As a result, Nancy has written five books to date; and soon her sixth book, Beyond the Mystical Near-Death Experience and Into the Unitive Experience will be published. Her first two books each won national awards. 


Nancy's third book was the result of her 30 years of research investigating near-death-like mystical experiences. It is titled Divine Moments: Ordinary People Having Spiritually Transformative Experiences. In addition to being published in the U.S, it has also been translated into the German language and published in Germany. The book contains nearly 40 first-hand accounts of individuals who tell their own story, including near-death experiences, near-death-like experiences, out-of-body experiences, after-death communication experiences, spiritual awakenings, religious conversions experiences, meditative and prayerful experiences, and mystical experiences.

 Learn how these individuals awakened to a new understanding of their deepest assumptions about the eternal questions: Why am I here? Where am I going? What is the purpose of life? Learn how their inner wisdom can assist all of us in understanding that we are more than biological beings; we are spirits of consciousness that are gifted with a love born of our divine nature.  To learn more, click this book title found on the sidebar of this page. Be sure to read the review posted by Kenneth Ring, PhD, the world's foremost near-death experience researcher.


On March 11, 2011, Nancy Clark's world came crashing down in front of her when her beloved husband died.  They were high school sweethearts and fell in love at first sight.  They were together from the first moment they fell in love until the day he died, over 50 years later. Nancy's friends wanted to comfort her but didn't know how.  Some wanted her to get over her grief quickly and made well-intentioned comments that felt like salt being poured into an open wound. It was obvious to her that people don't know what to say or do when trying to help a bereaved person.

In her book, Stop Trying to Fix Me: I'm Grieving  As Fast As I Can, she writes and lays bare her very personal journey from anguish, anger and despair to hope and even joy.  Unlike other books about grief, this one includes evidence of the afterlife as Ms. Clark recollects her own near-death experience and another spiritually-transformative experience which gave her the knowledge that her husband continues to live after death.  But those experiences did not blunt the raw pain of losing her husband.  On the other hand, she writes about the after-death communication experiences she received from her husband that brought her the most comfort.  Readers will be very touched by those stories of the yellow roses.

This book will help those who are going through the grief process and it will shed light upon the best ways to help someone going through their own pain of bereavement.  Nancy insists that the journey through grief is unique to each person going through it.  There is no quick fix or time limit before one is able to resume life without their loved one.