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Champion Zendique Gene Genie
Was Best  Overall Exotic in Show
at the
Exotic Cat Society Show
on the
9th January 2016



 We are hobby breeders in South East London. Our passion for love of cats came when we brought our first Persian back in the early 90's.

In 2000 we visited the National Cat show in London and saw the Exotic breed. Instantly we both fell in love with the Exotic Cat.

It was at this stage that we purchased our first Exotic Cat. Poshnosh Beautiful Thing a Blue Cream tortie.

Since then we have purchased exotics from Top Breeders.

Our breeding programme is bi-colour and van pattern in dilute and dominant, tabby and white and related selfs. 

 With thanks to
Heather & Alan
Sheerbliss Persians & Exotic .
Jane Allen
Zendique Persians and Exotics





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