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May 1919 QST




The "midget issue" of QST

In March 1919, a handful of former ARRL staffers decided to get ARRL (and ham radio in general) back up and running after WW1 ended. Without this effort, amateur radio would have ended...commercial and military interests wanted to take ownenship of all radio spectrum, and end amateur radio right then and there.

They pooled their resources and printed an 8-page midget issue of QST in May 1919. They announced the availablity of "ARRL Bonds", intended to raise enough money to pay for getting the ARRL back on its feet. It is not an exaggeration to say that these guys - Maxim, Hebert, Tuska, Matthews, Smith, Camp, Stanley, Browne, Warner, Clough, and Nichols saved ham radio.

This is probably the rarest issue of QST. My copy is in fair condition, with minor water damage and rusted staples. The 6 pages of content are there, and very readable. It is missing the last sheet (2 pages) which contained a subscription form and an order form for ARRL Bonds, which means the original owner did his part!



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