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Antennas Go Up (Sept 06)




With a little help from my friends

On September 2, 2006, K1RX, WA1Z, and WW1M came out to Long Island to assist with installation of the main antennas at N1LI.

These are two 4-element SteppIR beams, one at 95 feet, and one at 60 feet, both on TIC Ring Rotors. A few weeks earlier, K1AR and I had installed the 2-element Cushcraft 40M beam on the mast sticking out the top of the tower.

The beams were assembled on saw horses as shown below, and trammed up the tower. K1RX rigged the tram; K1DG inspected the beam.

WA1Z, K1RX, K1DG making final connections/inspections. Beam declared ready to hoist. (WW1M photo).

Time to tram the beam up.

Clearing the middle set of guys...(WW1M photo)

K1RX wrestling the beam closer to the tower. (WW1M photo).


And more...(WW1M photo)


The photo below (taken by interested neighbor Phil Moody) shows K1RX (top) and K1DG with the top antenna almost in place. Note the seagull flying by, apparently evaluating the antennas as possible perches.


K1DG and K1RX swing the beam through the top guys and onto the ring rotor...a replay of many antenna raisings we did together in college 30+ years ago! (WW1M photo)


Installing the lower beam was a LOT easier. (WW1M photo)


The photo below is from our yard.

And the photo below is from Phil's yard (taken with a zoom lens from about 300 feet away). You can see both SteppIRs. The power line is not as close to the tower as it seems - it is about 120 feet away and well outside the fall zone.

At the end of the day: a nice sunset from Cleave's Landing (about a half mile west of N1LI).






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