Mysterious Map Marvels


The Mysterious Map Marvels (MMM for short) is a group of fellow Zoo Tycoon 2 designers who have joined together to make expansion packs for Zoo Tycoon 2. They all met on a popular ZT2 forum called Zoo Tycoon Volcano. When they first started out, their first objective was to make different maps. However, they're now starting to make animals and foliage as well.

Brief History

The Mysterious Map Marvels started when DragonGod and Spinosaurus started making great maps together on Zoo Tycoon Volcano. Later GrimpyNZ joined, and had the idea of creating a map-making group, and so MMM was born!! Trexroarr was next to join, and he became the group's animal placement specialist. Fennec Nichov was the next to be invited to join because he had a special knack for finding information on the fauna and flora of map localities. Later MMM decided to bring in some animal and foliage designers, and King Hoopla and Zooasaurus, both extraordinary experts at designing such things, joined the team. Next, meshing master Simba and his coding partner Badisbadis101, known for their infamous Brachiosaurus, joined the group to help out King Hoopla and Zooasaurus with designing. Finally, ZooMaster, having been trained to mesh by Simba, and Exitree, an excellent skinner, joined to help speed up the projects. Also Special Thanks to Papapanda for helping us by answering the questions raised by us and clearing all our doubts at the most!