Handmade Chic Purses


My online collection of handmade handbags to fit your lifestyle.

From small jewelled evening Clutches to functional Handbags. Whether you want something simplistic or works of art to match your evening wear, browse the collections and find the perfect handbag just right for you.

You'll find everything here all my "handmade purses"  are very unique and very stylish.

  • All my purses and clutches were imported from Philippines I can assure you it's all perfectly handcrafted. Filipino people put their artistry to bring out the best and unique work of art into handbags. A superb craftsmanship!
  • It's made out of labor of love, some purses can take up to two months to get done just for a single purse due to the intricate details that Filipino people put in. They work hard and bring out the best and the finest quality handmade purses that no one can match.
  • All the materials used to made these purses were all made of tropical plants from my native country. I really appreciate if you read the "Product Overview" to give you insights about the materials that been used.
  • (Click pictures for close-up)



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