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Since Hamachi is pretty much dead anyway due to the way it has changed over the years, and now theres countless other VPN/Lan programs that work better and are easier to connect with.

The 3 VPNs I use now are Tunngle, GameRanger, and Garena now.

Ive removed my hamachi server list because my account was deleted or something, but i havent been able to get it back with my old hamachi backup files.

The AddHamachi page is still open to anyone that wants to post your server, but remember it only last about a month there so feel free to come back to update your servers.

Lastly its been great working on this site over the years and helping people play online via VPN, But its time for me to move on from this site and maybe start my next big project only time will tell :) .

Thank you all for good times.



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