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Non genealogy sites that are worth recommending....

It occured to me that visitors to this site may be interested in things other that genealogy so thought I would add this page just to prove I do do things other than genealogy!!  Below are sites which I think are worth a mention.   this is a great site and well worth a visit.  It is a site dedicated to animated e-cards.  Her cards are stunning, with themes such as Chudleigh the dog who has his own christmas cards and event cards.  Is very hard to explain how good they are but membership to the site is only £4.50 a year or £8 for two years.  She has every sort of celebration you are likely to need.  It is FREE to go and check out her site and view some of the cards and I promise you will not be dissapointed. now for something totally different!! This is a 3D virtual reality world.  They are currently offering a one month free trial and membership is $5 a month, which I think is about £2.70.  Here you will create a character for yourself, buy a house using 'cybertown money', get a job where you will earn money and be able to furnish your house.  It has a great online community and every section has a community chat where you can talk to people from all around the world and get help setting yourself up.  We play bingo for cybertown money every night but it is at about 12.30am UK time! so is only for those nightbirds among you.  If you decide to check it out, look out for me, my house is located in the 'sci-fi' section, in the 'supernatural' area in the 'sixth sense zone'and is called 'Paradise Found' and is my dream home!!...

Will add more sites as I go along.


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