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This site lists other 'family' websites that may be of interest to you.  These are sites created by other members of the Derrick, Dudley, Quince, Linford, Wild clan, although not all of them are directly related persons on this site, the  information they provide on their own sites may be helpful in your research. this is an excellent site for persons researching the Dudley family name, there currently 5710 Dudley names plus hundreds of associated names listed on this site, in addition he has sections detailing the history of the family. this is another site dedicated to the Dudley family of Bedfordshire. Put together by Maria Hessman this is a great site.  It includes Dudleys in Clophill, Marston Moretaine, Ridgemont, and Husborne Crawley, Bedfordshire this site has been put together by Mike Attfield and is where my research first got started, he lists hundreds of Derricks and has the site set up in such a way that should you find a Derrick that you are looking on then by clicking on his/her name it will show you who their spouse and children are and in some cases the parents. - Becky is in the process of building this site, she has helped me greatly with my Linford research providing lots of the photos found in the Linford section. this isn't a genealogy site but is a site dedicated to photography, by clicking this link it will take you to a section about Alfred Wright and Hannah Dudley and show you some of the pictures found at their studio.  Well worth a visit.

If you have a family website you wish to add here then please email me your link and I will be happy to oblige.


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