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 Descendants of John Thomas Linford



Generation No. 1


1.  JOHN THOMAS1 LINFORD was born 1792 in Lamberth/Vauxhall, Surrey, and died 12 Dec 1873 in Cantebury, Kent.  He married SARAH HAMLEY WEEKS 15 Jun 1819.  She died Unknown.


Children of JOHN LINFORD and SARAH WEEKS are:

                   i.    SARAH ELIZABETH2 LINFORD, b. 1820, Canterbury, Kent; d. Unknown; m. ?, 1842; d. Unknown.

                  ii.    JOHN SAMUEL LINFORD, b. 1822, Canterbury, Kent; d. Unknown; m. ELIZABETH SARAH WALTER, 19 Feb 1856, St Martin-in-the-fields, Middlesex; b. 1821, Chatham, Kent; d. Unknown.

2.              iii.    WILLIAM THOMAS LINFORD, b. 1823, Canterbury, Kent; d. 18 Aug 1886, Elm Grange, Finchley, London.

3.              iv.    HENRY ALBERT LINFORD, b. 31 Jan 1826, Canterbury, Kent; d. 16 Oct 1882, Southampton.

                  v.    CHARLOTTE SELINA LINFORD, b. 1827, Canterbury, Kent; d. Unknown.



Generation No. 2


2.  WILLIAM THOMAS2 LINFORD (JOHN THOMAS1) was born 1823 in Canterbury, Kent, and died 18 Aug 1886 in Elm Grange, Finchley, London.  He married ELIZABETH DIANH WYTHERS.  She was born 1821 in Sheerness, Kent, and died Unknown.



                   i.    ALICE3 LINFORD, b. 21 Jul 1853, Bristol; d. Unknown; m. ? GWYER; d. Unknown.


More About ALICE LINFORD: Christening: 08 Aug 1853, Westbury-On-Trim, Gloucestershire


                  ii.    ANNIE LINFORD, b. 19 Sep 1855, London, Middlesex; d. Unknown.


More About ANNIE LINFORD: Christening: 12 Nov 1855, St Stephan, Coleman St, London


                 iii.    MARIAN LINFORD, b. Bef. 16 Aug 1857; d. Unknown.


More About MARIAN LINFORD: Christening: 16 Aug 1857, St Stephan, Coleman St, London


                 iv.    AMY LINFORD, b. 09 Jul 1859, London, Middlesex; d. Unknown.


More About AMY LINFORD:  Christening: 16 Aug 1859, St Stephan, Coleman St, London


                  v.    ARTHUR HOWARD LINFORD, b. 17 Sep 1861, London, Middlesex; d. 1945; m. (1) EMILY CLARA DITCHETT; b. 1860, Louth, Linconshire; d. 1933; m. (2) EDITH BATHURST; d. Unknown.


More About ARTHUR HOWARD LINFORD: Christening: 24 Mar 1862, St Margaret, Lothbury, London


More About EDITH BATHURST: Occupation: 1st woman professor of music


                 vi.    ERNEST LINFORD, b. 11 Mar 1863, Moorgate St, London; d. Bef. Mar 1865.


More About ERNEST LINFORD: Christening: 13 Mar 1863, St Margaret, Lothbury, London


                vii.    ERNEST WYTHERS LINFORD, b. 30 Dec 1864, London, Middlesex; d. Unknown.


More About ERNEST WYTHERS LINFORD: Christening: 18 Mar 1865, St Margaret, Lothbury, London



3.  HENRY ALBERT2 LINFORD (JOHN THOMAS1) was born 31 Jan 1826 in Canterbury, Kent, and died 16 Oct 1882 in Southampton.  He married ELIZABETH MARTHA FORBES 12 May 1852 in St Marys Lewisham, daughter of PETER FORBES and SARAH ROBERTS.  She was born 1829 in London Cursitor St, Middlesex, and died 1902.



                   i.    FLORENCE ELIZABETH FORBES3 LINFORD, b. 1855, London, Middlesex; d. Unknown; m. HALDANE GREAVES, 04 Jan 1883, St James, Southampton; d. Unknown.

4.               ii.    CONSTANCE MARY LINFORD, b. 1857, St Pancras, London; d. Unknown.

                 iii.    ADA CHARLOTTE LINFORD, b. Abt. 1859, St Pancras, London; d. Unknown.

                 iv.    ALBERT WALLACE LINFORD, b. 03 Jun 1861, St Pancras, London; d. 09 Jun 1913, Haydock Lodge, Haydock; m. ANNIE MARY HARRISON NASH, 30 Jun 1887, Freemantle, Southampton; b. 13 Jul 1863, Freemantle, Southampton; d. 11 Sep 1935, Cottage Hospital, Ulverston, Cumbria.

5.               v.    ETHEL KATE LINFORD, b. 27 Feb 1867, East Down Park, Lewisham, Kent; d. 01 Jul 1932, Dinder, Somerset.

                 vi.    MAUD EMILY LINFORD, b. Abt. 1870, Lewisham, Kent; d. Unknown; m. FRANK COPE; d. Unknown.

                vii.    BLANCHE PAAS LINFORD, b. Abt. 1870, Lewisham, Kent; d. Unknown; m. JOHN WILLIAM WOOLNOUGH, 1895, Southampton; d. Unknown.

               viii.    ELLA MARIETTE F LINFORD, b. Abt. 1871, Southampton, Hampshire; d. Unknown; m. GEORGE PETER BARRON-MATTHEWS, 1902, Southampton; d. Unknown.


Generation No. 3


4.  CONSTANCE MARY3 LINFORD (HENRY ALBERT2, JOHN THOMAS1) was born 1857 in St Pancras, London, and died Unknown.  She married CHARLES HAROLD KEABLE 25 Nov 1886 in Southampton.  He was born 1853 in Preshute, Wiltshire, and died Unknown.



                   i.    ROBERT HENRY4 KEABLE, b. 1888, Linton, Bedfordshire; d. Unknown.

                  ii.    HENRY CHARLES KEABLE, b. 1889, Linton, Bedfordshire; d. Unknown.



5.  ETHEL KATE3 LINFORD (HENRY ALBERT2, JOHN THOMAS1) was born 27 Feb 1867 in East Down Park, Lewisham, Kent, and died 01 Jul 1932 in Dinder, Somerset.  She married WILLIAM HENRY DERRICK 09 May 1889 in St Lukes Church, Southampton, son of GEORGE DERRICK and ISABELLA PAUL.  He was born 30 May 1863 in London, and died 01 Oct 1952 in Dinder, Somerset.



6.                i.    LINFORD4 DERRICK, b. 10 Dec 1894, Kuanton, Singapore, India; d. 1969, Coventry.



Generation No. 4


6.  LINFORD4 DERRICK (ETHEL KATE3 LINFORD, HENRY ALBERT2, JOHN THOMAS1) was born 10 Dec 1894 in Kuanton, Singapore, India, and died 1969 in Coventry.  He married ANNETTE LILLA SWABY 24 Dec 1915 in Church of St James, Delhi, Archdeaconry of Lahore, daughter of WILLIAM SWABY and ELLA CONNOR.  She was born 20 Apr 1886 in Poona, and died in 1967 in Bishops Stortford



7.                i.    WILLIAM WELLINGTON5 DERRICK, b. 24 Aug 1917; d. 03 Mar 1959.

8.               ii.    PETER LINFORD DERRICK, b. 12 Mar 1919, Fulham, London; d. 14 May 1993, Kampala, Uganda, Africa.



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