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Thanks to a lovely lady called Laurence I have managed to put together some information on Dudley Albertus Wright born in 1874, and his family.  On the 1901 census his children are residing with his parents in Brighton.  Laurence has kindly provided some photos of Dudley which I have published on this site.  Dudley Albertus Wright, served in the French Foreign Legion, He was in hospital in Paris in June of 1940 when the Germans took it over. He died in the 1950's. He was a valet for Maurice Chevalier, there are postcards to prove this fact from all over the world pertaining to Dudley and Mr. Chevalier's travels.

Photos of Dudley A Wright.


Descendants of Dudley A Wright



Generation No. 1


1.  DUDLEY A3 WRIGHT  (ALFRED J C2, NATHANIEL1) was born 23 Aug 1874 in Epsom, Surrey, and died Bet. 1950 - 1960.  He married MARIE ADELAIDE SAIPREY.  She was born Abt. 1870 in France, and died Unknown.



                   i.    ELIZABETH EMMA4 WRIGHT, b. 14 Nov 1896, France; d. Aft. 1967, France.

2.               ii.    ALFRED JOSEPH WRIGHT, b. 21 Feb 1898, St Germain, Haute-Saonne, France; d. 27 Jan 1945, Villeneuve-St-Georgees, France.

                 iii.    DUDLEY JOSEPH WRIGHT, b. 11 Jan 1901; d. 1987.

                 iv.    MARGUERITE WRIGHT, b. 1905, France; d. 1995, France; m. LOUIS PETTIT; d. Unknown.

                  v.    GENEVIEVE WRIGHT, b. Private.



Generation No. 2


2.  ALFRED JOSEPH4 WRIGHT (DUDLEY A3, ALFRED J C2, NATHANIEL1) was born 21 Feb 1898 in St Germain, Haute-Saonne, France, and died 27 Jan 1945 in Villeneuve-St-Georgees, France.  He married GEORGETTE PELLE 06 Jan 1923 in Limeil-Brevannes, France.  She died Unknown.



                   i.    ANDRE PIERRE5 WRIGHT, b. 25 Apr 1923, Limeil-Brevannes, France; d. 11 May 1925, Limeil-Brevannes, France.

                  ii.    HUGETTE WRIGHT, b. 29 Sep 1924, Paris, France; d. 2003, France.

                 iii.    ODETTE WRIGHT, b. Private.

                 iv.    GINETTE WRIGHT, b. 03 Jul 1931, Paris, France; d. 2005, Champcueil, France.

                  v.    ANDRE PIERRE GILBERT WRIGHT, b. 20 Jan 1933, Paris, France; d. 2002, France.

3.              vi.    GUY WRIGHT, b. 21 Sep 1934, Paris, France; d. 05 Jun 1987, Nosy-le-grand, France.



Further generations available on request

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