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Five members of the Dudley family emmigrated to Australia at different times throughout the 19th Century.  Their descendants have kindly submitted the information you will find here on the site.  Should you wish to contact any of them then please email me.

Samuel Dudley born 22 May 1825 Ridgmont, Bedfordshire emmigrated with his wife Elizabeth (nee Beal) on the 27th December 1852 aboard the Persian and landed in Melbourne.

Joseph Dudley born 30 June 1839 Ridgmont, Bedfordshire emmigrated to Australia on the 18th May 1858 aged 18 on the boat called the Parsee, Captained by Thomas Edwin Evans.  He was unmarried at the time of his emmigration and to date have not managed to trace his descendants if he had any.

William Dudley born in 1836 in Wootton, Bedfordshire emmigrated with his wife Jane (nee Fells) on the SS Dacca on the 7th May 1884 and landed in Townsville.

Richard Dudley born 19 Jan 1823 Ridgmont, Bedfordshire emmigrated with his wife Hannah (nee Beal) and their two children Samuel and Sarah on board the Shackmaxon on 23 Dec 1861 and with his brother William below.  Descendants to be added very shortly

William Dudley born on 20 Feb 1837 in Bedfordshire emmigrated with his wife Hannah (nee Green) on board the Shackmaxon on 23 Dec 1861.

New: With very kind thanks to a lady called Jeanette Harper who has emailed me a copy of a book written in 1969 by someone who had traced the history of Dudley's in Austrlia.  The book relates to William Dudley born 20 Feb 1837 and his wife Hannah and their descendants, but also contains references to Samuel and Joseph his brothers.   It offers an indepth insight into what life was like for them when they arrived in Australia and where they lived etc. 

The book was 16 pages long, so I have retyped it out to enable you to view it on here, I have left everything exactly as it was written in 1969, even where I know the information to have altered, however I have added some footnotes and in some cases made notes within the tex, these are all written in italics so you will know which notes I've made.  I apologise in advance for any spelling errors regarding the place names in Australia but have to admit you have some very strange sounding places out there!.. I have also to make it easier to read, seperated the book up, so once you have read the initial section then you will need to click on each of the childrens names (listed in a graph at the bottom of the page) to view what was written about them and their lives, some of which has been contributed by their children or grandchildren.

All together it makes a wonderful document and I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did and would once again like to thank Jeanette for her kindness in sharing this book with us.  Please note, if you know any additional details such as dates of birth etc which are missing then please email me and I will add to the book putting new entries in red.  If anyone wishes to have a microsoft word document with the book written out in it then please let me know.

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