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A lot of the information on here has been collated from birth/christening/marriage records held by the Church of Latter Day Saints, where possible I have cross reference entries with census reports, also some information has been got from working through census entries and tracing families that way.  As there were so many Dudley's it is possible there may be errors, for instance if I had two James Dudley's born in Wootton in 1800 and then two marrying in Wootton in say 1819 and 1820 it would be almost impossible to identify which one was which.  If you do find any obvious mistakes or you have different information then please let me know as I am always willing to make alterations if there is proof that I've made a mistake. 

One last point to note is that where you find a birth that states for example Sept 1847 then this is the quarter that the birth was registered in and is not necessarily the month they were born.  You may find that christening dates preceed the birth month and this explains why, but it will also help you search for your ancestor on the BMD records online should you wish to order any of their birth certificates.  The same also applies to marriages and deaths.

There are a lot of descendants in the Dudley line and I've been trying to come up with a format to make it easier for you to locate your ancestors.  I have had to divide the descendants report up by generation, otherwise it would have taken about 20 minutes for the web page to load up.  So initially you need to establish which generation your ancestor belongs to.  You can do this by starting out with the Outline Descendant Report, the easist way is to use the 'edit' then 'find' option on your toolbar at the top of the webpage, you can search by name i.e. James Dudley or by name and year of birth i.e. James Dudley 1780 however the latter may cause you to miss your ancestor if I don't have an accurate record of their birth.  This report has only very basic information, such as the year they were born where available, christening date and year they died.  I have included the christening information as in a lot of cases I have this information and not their birth information.

Once you have identified which generation they belong to then you can select the relevant generation from the options below.  Each person is allocated an ID number which can then be used to trace them back through the generations or into the next generation.  There is a link at the bottom of each page taking you to the next generation.  Earlier generations are bundled together but from generation 5 onwards they have their own pages, in some cases these may take a short while to load due to the amount of information on them.

Outline Descendant Report - a descendant report summarising the descendants of Francis Dudley born in Wellingborough in 1580.  Most of his descendants were born in Bedfordshire.

Once you know which generation the family member you are looking for falls into then you can reach them directly by clicking any of the following links:-

Generations 1,2 and 3           Generations 4 and 5          Generation 6          Generation 7

Generation 8          Generation 9          Generation 10          Generation 11


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