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~* Playborn Adoption Nursery *~

These babies are looking for mommies!

Please use the contact button at the top of the page to email me
if you find a baby you want.
Please refer to them by will get to name your own baby
but this helps me know which one you want.


all babies are signed and dated...they come with 
two outfits...blanket..diapers..pacifier and accessories.
Also a birth certificate with stats on it name your own baby!

For limited time...any baby on this page $200 + shipping

Presley Awake SOLD

20" long ..full legs and jointed arms (suitable for 9 yr or older child)
magnetic paci..painted hair  


                                                                                                                                        Interested SOLD


                                                     15" full limb baby great for smaller mommies!

                                                           painted hair...non magnetic paci 



                                                                    ~ Heidi ~ SOLD



                                                  Cuddle baby with 1/4 limbs...vinyl limbs end above

                                                                              wrists and ankles...very cuddly...jointed body...

                                                                           suitable for older child or therapy baby for elderly






comes with all you see here plus paci..blanket..diapers and care items
$175 + shipping

Please message me with the NAME of the baby you are interested in....
I will need your zip code to determine shipping amount....
I do accept can pay with Paypal even if you do not have an account...
credit cards accepted through Paypal too!
                                                         Thank you so much for visiting my site....
                                                   please don't hesitate to email me with questions!
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