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I LOVE hearing from my new mommies!!! YOU are the reason I do this!

            Here are just a few of the latest emails I have gotten from

                     My Forever Mommies ~


When Noe arrived in Spain in time for his new mommy's birthday...this was her reaction...

OOOOOOOOOHHHHH JANAN!!! He is amazing and her pics don't come close to what you see when you open the box!!!
The baby had arrived safely this morning!!! I am so happy with this little angel, I can't stop looking at his, he is so much more more more than I expected!!!! Noe is the best present for my birthday!!!


Noelia~ in Spain


This is what lil Sanne's new mommy said:

JaNan,OMG he scares me,you pick him up and he falls right to your chest even his arms, just like a real baby and those eyes they look right at you and his hair is like velvet.  I love love  love   love    him sooooooo much. I have never written an email with so much love for a reborn even my "paid too much for" reborns you know when I really spent too much. His face he is a Lorenzo! I can't thank you enough for him he is my gorgeous boy now. Hugzzzz Meryl in NJ

When little cry baby Haddie made it to her new home..Mommy said~

I am thrilled, ecstatic, really happy (can you tell I like her?)with Haddie! She is a work of art and could not be improved upon in any way.
Very gratefully,

Valerie traveled all the way to France to find her mommy...and Mommy told me this:

Valerie is here, I just can WOWOOWOWO she is PERFECT !

I'm really happy, your rooting is fanstastic ! yes, I love Valerie, she is near to me :D :D ; I will play with her after dinner
thanks a lot and please add me to your mailing list for your next babies

dolly hugs, AG in Fra


And when baby Grace made it safely to Au...her mommy said..

Hi Janan,
Little Grace has arrived safely.  I'm totally mesmerized by her beautiful big blue eyes.  Grace looks so sweet and feels wonderful to hold.  Your talent is exceptional.  Every little crease, the tiny little nails, her skin colouring and those eyes!  Holding Grace makes me smile and heart go all a-flutter. 
Thank you so very much

Merce's new mommy had this to say...

I wanted to let you know the baby had arrived safely but I was in a hurry. I need to tell you more. This is such a beautiful baby! She has such a lovely, pleasant face. Her dress with matching hat and booties is gorgeous. And you did such a professional job with the packing - her hair wasn't even messed up. I had space left for just one more reborn so I wanted this last one to be very special. She is!
Thanks so much, Mrs. S in Id.

  Helen is a repeat customer..this is what she said when her new baby Claire arrived..

Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2008 8:29 PM

HOW DO YOU DO IT!!???  She’s absolutely gorgeous and of course better looking in person just as I suspected.  The skin tone is JUST PERFECT and I love her rosy little lips.  :-)  But JaNan, I SWEAR she was going to open her eyes any minute!  She’s MARVELOUS!  She’s STUPENDOUS!!  She’s PERFECT!!


This is from little Joy's new mommy...

Hi JaNan,
Joy has arrived and I wanted you to know aside from the positive feedback I will give you that she is fabulous. I can't get my eyes off her. You have done a beautiful job and I can see the love you put into your work. Each detail is perfection. She will be treasured for years to come. My best. Jean in Wa. 


   Faith's mommy renamed her Abigail and when she opened the box...

Hi, JaNan,
Well, Abigail arrived this afternoon & I was totally surprised; I did not expect her so soon. Thank you so much for the very fast shipping. I must tell you that when I opened the box and uncovered her that I literally caught my breath. She is absolutely stunning! How on earth are you able to get that kind of realism? She looks like a real, living, just-taking-a-little-nap baby girl. It's almost as if she will open her eyes any moment. Thank you so much for making your amazing talent available to the public & me in particular. The beautiful clothes you provided for her are so appropriate for her, too. And thank you for the sweet extras. I'll be looking for your future offerings, you can be sure!
Many thanks,
Geri in Tx



 ~A Little Bit of Heaven~

                             There is a little angel
                             dressed in smiles and heavenly love,
                             There is a little angel
                             God gave me from above,
                             Her master's hands were blessed
                             they brought her to my door,
                             God gave her such a talent,
                             He gave her so much more,
                             Her heart so filled with talents
                              to many to explain,
                             To see her work is amazing
                             Bless this gift in her again.
                             There is a little angel
                              such a sparkle in her eye
                              Looking at her beauty
                              I can't help but start to cry,
                              God bless my little angel
                              Bless her master full of joy!
                              Let her know you are there with her
                              with every tiny girl or boy,
                              There is a little angel,
                              now loved by me today,
                              Forever she is treasured
                              my love for her is here to stay,
                              God bless you JaNan,


And Baby Teresa's Mommy had this to say when she opened her baby package~

your babies any justice whatsover,   Im so happy with this little angel ,
she got here just a few minutes ago,   YOU DID AWESOME WORK with her,  oh my
goodness , she is too beautiful to even describe!!!!!!!!!!!!  I cant stop
looking at her,  she FAR FAR FAR exceeded my expectations and girl you know
I have FULL confidence in your work!!!!!!!  You best never ever ever forget how much talent God has given you, 

Teresa M of Tenn.

She also wrote the poem at the top of this page JUST FOR ME!  Thank You Teresa...God Bless YOU real good!  XOXO

I got this email from a repeat customer~

That face reminds me sooooo much of my son #1 that I had to have it.  I have another doll that looks like my son as a baby, but I have never been totally happy with that one.  I am glad to be adding this one to my shelf instead and taking that one to a different room.  He was done by (**well known reborner) last year and he is beautiful, painted well and has good color and great hair, perfectly weighted, very well done.... but he is missing that spark that I love so much in really good reborn babies.  I can't explain it any other way.

I have dozens of reborns here in the house, but only a handful of them really make me happy. N.C in Wyo.
and on the heals of that I got this email~
The SPARK!  Yes, the SPARK!  She hit the nail on the head - THAT'S
what's missing from ( * * *) babies (and I have two from before I met
you).  Julia has a SPARK!!  That's why she's so endearing. HW in NY

This is what Lily's new mommy said~

Ohhh JaNan...You have made my dreams come true!!! Baby Lily is everything I imagined...and MORE!!!! You are so wonderfully talented and I'm so glad I found you...words don't begin to measure my pleasure!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!! My sincerest appreciation, Vicki  here in Tx.


From Violet's new mommy~

I recieved Violet yesterday in perfect condition. She is so lovely. You did a wonderful job on her.
I opened the box in front of a big crowd of people waiting in line at the PO.
Well, the ladies in line went crazy when they saw her. They wanted to see her up close, hold her, know where they could get one, and if they make AA ones, etc. The guys in line were all rolling their eyes, but interested just the same. I started laughing. I couldn't even get out of the post office without being asked question after question.
I can't believe how talented you are! This baby is lovely. Have you sold all of your others in the series?          Mary in Md.


And this is from Brylee's Mum...

 Good news! Brylee is here, she came today. It was so lovely opening the box. The birthday paper was such a nice touch and very clever of you to tie her in securely.The outfits are gorgeous and so is she. You have made a really good job of her.  I will look after her & treasure her , MANY THANKS  and you are blessed with your reborning talent.                      Jackie in the U.K.



This is from Bianca's Mommy~

I got Bianca yesterday!!!   I LOVE her!!!  She's BEAUTIFUL!  I felt like a kid as I ripped her box open to get at her!!!  Thanks sooooo much again!  I think I will ask my brother in law to make a special little cradle for her to keep in my room! Alexa got it right yesterday when she said to me, "Momma, I think I know why baby dolls are so wonderful....because they never grow up!"  I told her I thought she had hit the nail right on the head!  Gotta run!  Thanks again!!!!!  She's amazing!!!  I love her!!!  Melissa in Mn


From Jane (Romeo's) Mommy~

Hello JaNan,
           I got my baby boy "Romeo" today and I have got to say he is amazing. I have been showing him off all afternoon. He is so tiny and his little outfits fit him so well. I just love his hair, and all of the detail that you have put into him. I love that you sent his little bed with him as well. I just can't get enough of him. Thank you so much, Crystal    (in Ia.)

Marsha (Jack's) new Mommy said this:

I picked up ''Marsha'' today and he is wonderful beyond words.  I have
to tell you that I hunted for a blonde Marsha sculpt for weeks before
I stumbled onto your auction by accident.Many of the reborners who have done Marsha have missed that light and
spark of personality that is possible with this sculpt.  I have to say
that you have captured it and magnified it.... this little guy has such a personality that just shines.  I don't know how to  fully
describe it, but I know you know what I am talking about. You have a gift.  Thank you so much for reborning this baby and
offering him/her on ebay.  I am so happy to have him here. Good luck to you.  I look forward to seeing more of your work and
would recommend you to anyone.

Take care, Nola   ( in Mn.)

And Kinsey (Joanne's) mum said:


ANNE  (in the UK)

This is what Jere-Miah (Julia Evelyn's) mommy said:


She’s even more precious in person!  I’ve fallen head over heels for her!!!  Interestingly, she arrived around 3:34 pm, which is the time of her “birth!”  I opened the box oh-so-carefully.  I don’t think I was even breathing.  When I saw that sweet face with her peaches and cream complexion and those beautiful eyes looking up at me, I gasped so loudly that the collie sat up to look at me!  The silly grin still hasn’t left my face; my cheeks hurt!!  I was so excited that I tried to pick her up and forgot to untie her middle – the whole box started to come with her.   Hee hee hee.  (Excellent packaging!)  She really looks like a Julia Evelyn doesn’t she?  The name suits her perfectly!
Helen  ( in NY)

This is what 'Taylor' (Jack's) mommy said:

Little Jack has arrived  at last.He is absolutley gorgeous,I can understand why you did'nt want to part with him,he curls just like a newborn.I hav'nt been able to put him down since he arrived 30 miutes ago,but thought I had better let you know he has arrived safe and sound.
His mouth looks so much better now that you have remodelled it.
Thankyou so much for this little darling,he has real character(He makes a nice change from all my other babies,which are beatifull,but all have similar faces).
Thankyou again JaNan,I will take good care of little Jack.
You take care now,
Love Jill xx   (In the UK)

What the mommy of my 'Award winning' baby (Stacy) said:

Stacy arrived in perfect condition in today's mail delivery.  She is, in deed, a sweet baby...and substantial, too!  Albeit I am by no means an expert in the realm of reborning, my eyes tell me you have a fine talent and your execution is right-on!
Thank you for such a precious baby!!
Warm regards,
Beverly Ann (Ca)

What 'Jared' (Isaiah's) mom said:

Oh JaNan,  I cant stop holding this beautiful baby, Ive cried now Im in total awe, I am so in love you would not believe, words cant tell you how pleased I am with this baby,  his pictures did him NO justice at all and they were GORGEOUS pictures, Oh my, you can know you have just made me have the Happiest Christmas ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I love him with all my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Every detail is perfect, he is weighted PERFECT, his hair oh my gosh, you did a AWESOME job. Dont ever stop making them you have a gift
from God!   
Teresa  (in Tenn.)

What (my Logo baby) Lennie Gerber's mommy said:

''Gerber is Here! He is so beautiful...way more than perfect! I didn't think he could be any cuter than his pictures..Your work is truly a gift from God, and I am so happy I was able to have some of it'' (this lady wrote pages...but then..she has 4 of my babies! you are a Gem Deanne!)

 Deanne S. (in Ca.)

         And YOU are the ones that make it possible for me to continue!

                                        Thank You and God Bless!

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